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Mary invites us to pray to the Holy Spirit

The presence of Our Lady is a gift from God and a freshness for humanity: through her we are guided on the path of the commandments, of conversion and holiness. We can use our freedom badly, by living in sin, but if we live our lives according to the commandments and God's will, and if we want to be converted day by day, we can become holy as Our Lady wishes. In today's world it seems, on the one hand, that paganism is triumphing where God does not exist or where there is no room for him. On the other hand, there is a great number of good people, including many young people, who are doing so many good things, even if they make no noise about it. We do not look only at the negative things. Today we must be more determined, freer and stronger, in recognizing the good that there is, and in witnessing and proclaiming the good news of the gospel.
Mary invites us to read the lives of the saints and to imitate them. May our lives become an imitation of Christ, of Our Lady and of the Saints! We pray with all our heart and whatever we do, let's do it with love, let's do it with all our heart, let's do it for the love of Jesus. Even a good word, a small gift, a smile and many little things can help to change our life, make our life new and make it a life of testimony. The Lord is using us. He transforms us and we become beautiful with a spiritual beauty ... We can see the miracle of conversion with our own eyes every day. It gives us great hope and it is also the most beautiful fruit that we have, thanks to the presence of Our Lady in our lives. In fact it is the good God who changes hearts, because Our Lady intercedes with her Son.
Satan is strong and if we do not pray he creates confusion and takes away our peace. He puts unrest in our hearts and in our thoughts. This is what the enemy and the world want: to bring about disorder and to make us slaves of evil. But God wants us to be free. Our Lady does not force us, but invites us. The way of God is joy and peace, the way of Satan is disorder and anxiety. When we are with God, we live his commandments; when we are not with God, we finish up like magicians and sorcerers. Peace is found only in God, because He created us. This is why we invoke with faith and insistence the grace and the gift of the Holy Spirit to be with us in the choices of every day and help us to live in docility to God's will.
Even in our Association there are many new seeds, as we can see in the chronicle each month, and above all we feel committed to building a strong alliance between the different generations through dialogue between family ministry and youth ministry.
We wish to express sincere thanks to Sister Linda Pocher, FMA, who in recent months has accompanied us in the formation process in the light of the year of mercy, offering very rich and stimulating catechesis for our personal life and that of the association.

Lucca Tullio, President / Fr Pierluigi Cameroni SDB, Spiritual Animator

Good night of Mr Tullio Lucca, President of the Primary,
At the World Consultative Body of the Salesian Family

Rome 28 May 2016

I would like this good night to be received by all with great simplicity and familiarity, to be essentially a moment of family and home.
I would like us all to make ourselves comfortable and to be conscious of the love we have for one another because, even though we still have to grow in mutual understanding, we are brothers and sisters in Jesus and in Don Bosco, under the loving gaze of Mary our mother, she who has done it all. In this way the journey in the Holy Spirit and faith, about which the Rector Major speaks in this year's Strenna, takes form and substance, because it includes all of us here present and all those we represent and whom we carry in our hearts.
I want to start by recalling the origins of our family. Lately I've been lucky enough to go often to the Church of the Sacred Heart, on the occasion of a business trip that brought me to Rome. I often stopped to reflect and to be moved by the thought that Don Bosco celebrated Mass there on 16 May 1887. That was the moment when the promise of Mary was fulfilled: "In time you will understand everything." The whole of his life came before him and its meaning became clear. The emotion was such that Don Bosco interrupted the mass no fewer than fifteen times. I remain deeply moved when I think about the life of our father. His life was part of a dream, a dream of Mary. I am struck when I remember that it was in Rome that he wrote that famous letter which reveals so much affection, but also a lot of concern for his young people and for his Salesians. And it does not take us long to get to the last words of Don Bosco to Cagliero and Rua when he held them by the hand and said "Love one another."
These images help us to understand how the life of Don Bosco was a wonderful dream full of joy and light, but not without toil and pain. And this is also our dream, one that brought us here and now is decisive for our lives.
I therefore wish to thank you first of all, tonight, for all that you are and that we are and for all the people we have met and who gave of themselves freely for us.
I am sincerely grateful for having met the Salesian Family. I will never forget the feeling of my own smallness (which I still feel), but also the feeling of responsibility and strength I experienced seven years ago when I came to Rome for the first time for the Consultative Body. I thought to myself, they really believe in us!
This thanks of mine is part of a larger thanks that it is first of all for my life in Jesus and for Jesus and with Jesus, under the mantle of Mary, for my marriage to Simonetta, for my children, for my parents, for ADMA, and for the priests that the Lord has given me (including Don Pier and Don Roby). Knowing that life is full of light and shadow, as it was for Don Bosco, I then call to mind faces and people. I think about little Anna, born on 27 March, the latest gift of the Lord to our families. I think of Cristina about whom the Rector Major spoke on the feast of Mary Help of Christians who accepts suffering and offers up her life in faith. I think of Mariapia who prays faithfully to Don Giuseppe Quadrio for a miracle, because she feels that her five children and her husband still need her. Or of Teresa, a young ADMA member who is doing everything to set aside the money to go to World Youth Day in Poland. I think of Emanuela who is heartbroken because her husband has left her, but trusts in God and lives her marriage faithfully, offering it up every day for the husband and three children. And I think of so many others.
I think also of the motherly care of Mary even in the smallest things. For example, a few summers ago the house of the Salesians was not big enough to accommodate all the families that came for the summer retreat. We had to search for houses and guess who rented his house to us - a gentleman named Bosco, whose wife's name is Ausilia. They live 24 kilometres away on the highway of Champoluc valley and in their garden there is a statue of Mary. And then in one family the husband was a bit hesitant about joining ADMA. On the highway, while he was talking with his wife, a truck passed with an image of Mary Help of Christians on it. I could recall many similar stories and each one of us could do the same.
These and many other stories teach us that life is full of light and shadow and that only Faith and Mercy can give a taste for what is worth living for. We know that, like Don Bosco, we will understand everything at the end.
Then I would like to share the beauty of our journey as the Salesian Family! Who knows if, on that 16 May1887, Don Bosco also saw us! We enjoy all this with a family spirit and give back all the mercy we have been given like Don Bosco, who did everything following the example of Mary: one step at a time, one brick at a time, one little victory at a time over our human nature. All for Jesus, all with Mary. Let us welcome our Mother into our homes, let us take her as our model and our help.
She will give success to all our undertakings. We believe in faith that the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians at Valdocco is really "Hic domus mea, inde gloria mea". This was the motto of the Seventh Congress of Mary Help of Christians held last year. It was a family meeting that brought us together with joy and faith around our mother from all over the world. It was an event we prepared for following the method of Mary: Fiat, Stabat, Magnificat. And faith bears fruit: new groups spring up, new adventures (Youth and Family), many families continue to arrive, and new alliances are formed.
May all this be an encouragement and may we recall ever more and more our responsibility to those who are waiting for our joy, our faith, our hope and our love.
Thanks to Jesus, to Mary, to Don Bosco and thanks to you!
Good night from my heart!


From 25 April to 5 May 2016, at the invitation of the Provincial Fr Gildasio Santos, I visited the Salesian missionary Province of Campo Grande (Brazil). These were days of special grace and intense fraternity that enabled me to get to know the Salesian presence in this region of Brazil, comprising the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. It is a province rich in history, in evangelical testimony, apostolic zeal and education according to the heart of Don Bosco.
I got to know a hundred years of history, enriched by the testimony of numerous confreres who with great sacrifice and passion proclaimed the Gospel. They sowed seeds of education as they worked in the land of the missions, some even to the point of martyrdom like Fr John Fuchs and Fr Pedro Sacilotti who were killed in 1934, and Fr Rodolfo Lunkenbein and a native Bororo called Simão who were killed in 1976 for defending the rights of the indigenous people. I visited the places where Venerable Attilio Giordani ended his days. He was a layman, married, father of a family, catechist and animator of the Oratory, Salesian Cooperator, a missionary of the gospel of joy, with "a boundless heart," as is written on the stone that guards his heart at Poxoréo.
I met different groups and members of ADMA. There are 12 groups in the province, animated by the Vice-Provincial Fr Adalberto De Jesus. In particular I was impressed by the more than 60 young people of the Marian Rosary groups, that I met in Campo Grande, especially for their apostolic passion and love for Jesus and Mary, along with their desire to be members of Youth ADMA.
I was very happy to begin the month of May at Cuiabá. I enjoyed both the well-attended solemn Eucharistic celebrations, and those of ADMA. I invited the ADMA groups to begin a journey of renewal in their care of the family.
I was very moved by the welcome and the meeting with the ADMA group of Bororo of Meruri. They promote the Rosary and spread devotion to Mary Help of Christians in the mission and in families.
I experienced what the Rector Major has given us in this year's Strenna: "With Jesus, we journey together in an adventure of the Spirit". I shared an adventure of the spirit with members and groups of the Salesian Family and with ADMA members, in their openness to the gifts of God and in recognizing authentic signs of holiness and martyrdom, especially in lives donated for the gospel in the defence of children, the poor and the indigenous people.
(Fr Pierluigi Cameroni, Spiritual Animator of ADMA).

During Mass on Sunday 22 May, Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, a group of 28 young people pledged to form the first ADMA Youth group in Brazil. The celebration took place in the parish of Our Lady Help of Christians in Campo Grande - MS. On 28 April, the young people had participated in a meeting with the World Spiritual Animator of the Association of Mary Help of Christians, Fr Pierluigi Cameroni, and accepted his invitation to start an ADMA youth group. They felt ready to embrace the cause of Mary Help of Christians with devotion, promoting the spread of the faith and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, in order to bring other young people to love for the Mother of Jesus.

Manta, Ecuador - 12 May 2016 - In the "12 de octubre" district of Tarqui, Manta, no one died and none of the houses suffered major structural damage in the earthquake of 16 April. Devotees of Mary Help of Christians attribute this "miracle" to the presence of the statue of Our Lady, the patroness of the district. Mrs Josefa García Naranjo took the statue to her home and set up a small altar where every night the community gathers for a prayer of thanks.

On May 14, a meeting of the ADMA groups in Poland took place at the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Auschwitz with the motto "The Almighty has done great things for me."
The meeting was opened by Father Tadeusz Rozmus, Regional Councillor for Central and Northern Europe. He expressed his satisfaction at the regular meetings of ADMA and assured the members of a constant remembrance in his prayer. He welcomed the participants and the provincials who were present, Fr Dariusz Bartocha of Krakow, Fr Andrzej Wujek of Warsaw, Fr Jaros?aw Pizon newly appointed Provincial of Wroclaw, and Fr Adam Pop?awski of Pi?a. There was time for listening and prayer that strengthened and deepened devotion to Mary. Fr Wojciech ?yci?ski gave an interesting conference on the theme: "His mercy is from generation to generation."
Starting from the biblical concept of God as merciful Father, he described the image of the merciful God that Mary had, and also her way of proclaiming this mystery, as expressed explicitly in the words of the Magnificat. Subsequently there was a report on the beginning and development of Marian devotion in the Shrine of Szczyrk. Fr Stanislaw Oskwarek said that "Shrines are a special place of meeting between man and God" pointing out not only that Mary leads us to Jesus, but Christ shows us Mary, whose intercession helps us to worship God.
Mass was celebrated at noon. The Provincial Fr Dariusz Bartocha presided and the homily was given by Fr Andrzej Wujek. He described the role of Mary in the life of the Salesian Family and also presented the history of the Image of Mary Help of Christians which is faithfully reproduced in Auschwitz. The singing was led by confreres from the seminary group "?o? band".
After lunch and a short break there were three other talks. In the first the parish priest, Fr Zygmunt Kostka, presented the history of the Image of Mary Help of Christians in Krakow-D?bniki. Then Fr Krzysztof Pilarz, together with his parishioners, shared the testimony of Marian devotion in Przy??ków. Last to speak was the organizer of the meeting, Fr Marek G?uch, parish priest of Auschwitz, who said that the beginnings of this shrine are to be attributed to Mary. In 1894, during the Corpus Christi procession, Mary appeared miraculously on the ruins of the Dominican church of the Holy Cross as an explicit sign that a new church was to be built in this place. He also described the history of the arrival of the Salesians in this place, the beginning of the school complex, and also the miracles and graces received through the intercession of Mary Help of Christians in Auschwitz. At the end the Rector Fr Bogdan Nowak gave the blessing of Mary Help of Christians to all present. (Marcin Giemzik SDB).

Once again this year, as is the tradition, ADMA joined the whole Salesian Family and many devotees of Mary Help of Christians in celebrating the feast of our Mother, around the Successor of Don Bosco, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime. He spoke of Mary Help of Christians with great enthusiasm and passion placing her among the pillars of the charism and of Salesian work: "For us Mary Help of Christians is the Marian dimension of our vocation. We feel that she is our mother and we have the certainty that she accompanies us in our pastoral duties, in the firm certainty, as Don Bosco said, that it is she who does everything and continues to do everything."
ADMA Primary prepared for the feast with a day of retreat on Sunday 22 May.

The leaders and delegates from 23 of the 30 groups of the Salesian Family gathered 27-29 May at the Generalate of the Salesians for their annual meeting. The President, Mr Tullio Lucca and the Spiritual Director, Fr Pierluigi Cameroni were present for ADMA.
The main challenge of the annual meeting of the World Consultative Body of the Salesian Family was that of the post synodal exhortation Amoris Laetitia. There was a sharing of experiences and good practices already underway in the various groups of the Salesian Family. Further inputs came from Bishop Domenico Sigalini of Palestrina, on the theme "The Synod and the Apostolic Exhortation on the Family: Challenges and opportunities for the Salesian Family". This was followed by a workshop led by Fr Roberto Carelli, "Fostering the family: anthropological, pastoral and educative guidelines according to the Salesian charism".
Fr Eusebio Muñoz, Delegate of the Rector Major for the Secretariat for the Salesian Family coordinated the work, while the Rector Major Fr Ángel Fernández Artime shared a big part of the days with us. In a family atmosphere, the new Officers of the Don Bosco Past Pupils and FMA Past Pupils were introduced as well as the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and the Witnesses of the Risen Lord. The Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians presented the figure of their founder, Bishop Stephen Ferrando, recently declared venerable.
On the morning of Saturday 27 May we had the grace of celebrating the Eucharist at the tomb of St. Peter in the Vatican grottoes as part of the Jubilee of Mercy.
On Sunday morning we shared the results of the seminar on promoting the causes of beatification and canonization in the Salesian Family, and heard the message offered for this occasion by the Rector Major. The Secretariat for the Salesian Family then presented a proposal for communication between the various groups and some insights on the "Identity Card of the Salesian Family". Finally, two new members of the Secretariat were elected: Mr Ricardo Sa of Canção Nova and Ms Dina Moscioni from the Witnesses of the Risen Lord.

Missionary Intention
That all the houses of formation in the Congregation be inspired daily by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Testimony of Salesian holiness
The Servant of God Anna Maria Lozano (1883-1982), co-founded with Blessed Luigi Variara the Daughters of the Sacred Hearts. In a circular letter of 1968 she wrote: "The Divine Heart of Jesus is ready to fill us with his love and his great mercy. Every day we feel more and more the protection and infinite tenderness of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. We must respond generously! "Love is repaid with love."

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