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Mary urges us to return to God
On Sunday 21 June 2015 the Salesian Family witnessed a historic day with the visit of Pope Francis to Turin on the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of our father and founder Don Bosco. In particular in the friendly encounter in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, Pope Francis, in the light of his experience, invited us to not be ashamed of the three loves that marked the life of Don Bosco and that he left us as an inheritance: love for Mary, for the Eucharist and for the Pope. His love for Mary resulted in a filial trust and confidence, and sustained his bold action on behalf of poor youth and the persecuted Church. His love for Jesus in the Eucharist was expressed in care for the liturgy and the practice of adoration with the intention of leading young people and the people of God to experience the mystery of salvation. He loved the Pope and the Church, which he experienced and loved as Mother and Teacher.
To us as members of ADMA the Pope's speech is a great comfort and a great encouragement to continue on our journey of creative and joyful fidelity to Don Bosco in the light of the dream of the two columns.
In view of the forthcoming Seventh International Congress of Mary Help of Christians, to be held in Turin and Colle Don Bosco from 6 to 9 August, we are resolved to defend and promote the value of the family founded on marriage, at a time when the human and social foundations of society are being distorted. (www.mariaausiliatrice2015.org - congresso@admaFrbosco.org.). We want to renew the invitation to all groups and members of ADMA to promote the novena to Mary Help of Christians and times of adoration for the Congress, so that it may be a time of pastoral and spiritual renewal for the whole Salesian Family. May Mary Help of Christians let the light of God's love shine from her home to all our homes!
We are living at a dramatic moment for humanity marked by many wars, by terrorism and a widespread concern due to the fact that people are living without God. As a caring Mother Mary invites us to be converted in heart and to return to God, to make God our future and the future of our children. Only in this way will we experience peace and joy and overcome the sadness and despair that often dwells in the hearts of men and women of our time.
We look forward with joy to meeting all who come to Turin for the Congress, to share days of fraternity and apostolic growth under the gaze of our Mother Mary Help of Christians and of our founder Don Bosco.

Mr Lucca Tullio, President
Fr Pierluigi Cameroni SDB, Spiritual Animator


To the Salesians and Daughters of Mary Help of Turin June 21, 2015
(Part of the text of Pope Francis's address)

Dear Salesian Family, I have thought a lot about what to say to you ... But I would like to tell you about my experience with the Salesians. My family was very much attached to the Salesians. When my father arrived in Argentina he went to the Salesians in the Italian church, the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in the parish of San Carlo. He knew many of them... Then he met my mother, who lived a short distance away and they were married by a priest who was close to my father and me all my life. He was a Salesian missionary in Patagonia, born in Lodi, a good man and a great confessor of the Salesian family. I used to go to confession to him. He was the one who baptized me and he helped my vocation. He helped me when the time came for me to enter the seminary of the Society of Jesus.
I am so grateful to the Salesian family. After giving birth for the fifth time, my mother remained paralyzed for a year and she sent us older ones to Salesian schools. I did the last year there and it was there I learned to love Our Lady. The Salesians taught me to value beauty and work. This is your charism. With love they formed the affective dimension of our lives and helped us to mature. I remember the Salesian confessors, who were compassionate and great. There were always several of them in the basilica. Then my father died, but I still used to go to Mary Help of Christians every 24 May. I used to bring flowers and pray to the Virgin Mary. It's something that I learned from you.
But there was one thing that always makes me think, that was affectivity. I believe that Don Bosco was able to educate the young in affectivity, because he had a mother who had done the same for him. She was a good mother, kind and strong. With great love she educated his heart. You cannot understand Don Bosco without Mamma Margaret. It is not possible. I wonder when it comes to educating the young today if the Salesians and the whole Salesian family do so the way this great woman formed the heart of her son. I want to emphasize this.
And there's something else. At that time, in the late nineteenth century, this region of Italy was anti-clerical and Masonic, even demonic! Priests were hated. Turin was a centre of demonic activity, but how many saints have come from here! Count them yourselves! The Lord has given a mission to the families that were born here. Today many things have improved. There is the computer, and so many other things ... But the situation of youth is more or less the same. What did Don Bosco do? He worked with the young people who were there on the streets, with no job and no school to go to. He risked his ministry. That is why so many spoke ill of him. He risked the ministry there, "These are second-class youngsters" they told him. "You cannot do anything with them ...". Today the situation is that here in Italy 40% of young people under the age of twenty-five are unemployed. They have neither school nor work. You Salesians are facing the same challenge that Don Bosco faced, to care for these boys and girls. And what did Don Bosco do? He introduced them to sport, because sport develops the social skills. It brings a healthy competitiveness and teaches the beauty of working together. And then education. Don Bosco did not start with great things but with small schools where they learned a trade. In those Salesian schools, which were both classroom and workshop, the young people learned a trade. But are the Salesians today capable of teaching the skills needed to meet the urgent situation? Really, I do not know, I am asking the question. I do not know, can they learn in six months to be an electrician or a plumber, because there is always a broken tap to be repaired? Education, but education that responds to the crisis. We should not think that these young people on the street today - I am thinking of my homeland - can go straight into high school. We must give them something that will help them to find work, even a small job ... I think these young people on the street today need emergency education. A short course leading to a practical trade and then we'll see. That 40% need something. It is up to Salesian creativity to pick up this challenge.

And bring them joy. Salesian joy, that is another thing I learned, and I will never forget it. It is the joy that comes from all that the Lord has given us, which is beautiful. Give them motivation and education. We give young people on the street something to eat - they cannot praise God on an empty stomach. But we must also motivate them, and how? With creativity. Education that is suited to the crisis. This is what I feel I have to tell you.
This is time of crisis and a difficult time for the Church. But Don Bosco was not ashamed to speak of his three loves: Mary, the Eucharist and the Pope. These were his three loves. He was not ashamed of Our Lady. Why should he ever be ashamed of his mother ... Nowadays, there are some - not among you - who may not actually be ashamed, but they do not speak of Our Lady with love as Don Bosco did.. The first love of Don Bosco was for Our Lady. He entrusted himself to God while he prayed to Our Lady, and he risked so much.
His second love was for the Eucharist. The liturgy is well celebrated by the Salesian family today, and well explained. The young people participate in the Eucharistic mystery. You also have frequent adoration which the Salesians. This is good, even the Pope does frequent adoration. Because Don Bosco loved the Church, Our Lady and his mother.
And to you, consecrated women: the mystery of woman in the Church. Love for the Pope is not love for one person, but love for Peter as head of the Church, as a representative of the bridegroom of the Church. But behind that love for the Pope there is love for the Church. I don't know how Don Bosco managed to hide or explain certain scandals, but I do know that he made people love the Church. Think about this combination: the Church as mother; Mary, our mother; and Mamma Margherita, a mother. You form girls to become mothers and to raise children in love for the Virgin Mary and the Church. Sometimes people ask me: do we not need some major decisions on women in the Church? Sure. But do you think appointing someone as head of a department is a major decision? Women in the Church have the same job, so to speak, that Our Lady had with the Apostles on the morning of Pentecost. The Apostles would not have succeeded without Mary: that is how Jesus willed it.
Do not forget the three loves. Do not be ashamed to speak about Our Lady, to celebrate the Eucharist well, and do not be ashamed of Holy Mother Church. The poor Church is under attack every day ... And learn the role of women in the Church. The three loves of Don Bosco always lead us down this path. Then trust in God. As I said, Don Bosco always prayed to Mary Help of Christians and then went ahead. He did not spend too much time in decision making.
I thank God for this experience. They helped me to grow without fear and without obsessions, to move forward in joy, in prayer. Your charism is of the utmost relevance today. Look at the streets, see the young people there and take risky decisions. Do not be afraid. Do as he did.
Thank you so much for what you do in the Church and for the Church. Thank you so much for the missionaries, the many Salesians hidden in Africa ... I think of the early days of Patagonia, when the sisters went there with the habit of that time - how did those women manage on horseback? - And they evangelized Patagonia. And I think of the Salesian martyrs of Patagonia ... The Salesians are practical, they see the problem, think and then take it in hand ... This is your missionary spirit. Thank you very much for what you do in the whole Church.

Family Chronicle

In preparation for the great celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of Saint John Bosco, twenty-one ADMA youth leaders, representatives of different groups, participated actively in the Bosco Camp organized by the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) at the Mary Help of Christians College in Canlubang, Laguna from 10 to 12 April. The Camp had as objectives: 1. To launch the "fire" of Salesian holiness through a renewed encounter with Saint John Bosco, Jesus and Mary, his faithful guides in the path of holiness; 2. To represent the different experiences of Don Bosco at the Becchi, Chieri, Turin and Valdocco through a profound transformation based on the Word and the teachings of the Church in order to search for and diligently follow the plan of God's love; 3. To bring the Word to the world through a daily entrustment to Jesus and Mary, lived with joy.

The solemn admission of thirteen members of the Association of Mary Help of Christians took place in the Parish Shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Sarria-Barcelona. They were given the Medal and the "Regulations, the path of spirituality." This event was of singular importance because it was a revitalization of the first ADMA Association in Spain. The Rector of the Shrine, Fr Alejandro Damians, presided over the ceremony and Mass, and gave each new member the medal. The new local ADMA Animator, Sister Mercedes Aldaz, FMA, brought fresh enthusiasm. The national animator, Fr Juan Faner, presented the Regulations, congratulating the new members of ADMA, and highlighted the charismatic values that ADMA brings to the Salesian Family.

On 23 May 2015, as part of the celebrations in honour of Mary Help of Christians, the local ADMA Assembly gave a heartfelt recognition with a Diploma of Honour to three of its most deserving members. These ladies, Natividad Estebas, Angela Garcés and Mercedes Castel, are ADMA members and veterans of the local council, who are approaching ninety years of life, completely dedicated to living and spreading devotion to Mary Help of Christians. They took part in the procession through the courtyard and on the streets of Barcelona, carrying the flag of the Association. They are an example of Marian fervour and Salesian enthusiasm. Congratulations.

On 23 May 2015 the feast of Mary Help of Christians was celebrated, recalling the first time it was celebrated in this temple seventy-five years ago when the first group of devotees received the medal of Mary Help of Christians. The celebration was presided over by the Provincial, Fr Hugo Orozco SDB, with the participation of the Salesian Family. Medals were given to twenty-six members of ADMA. After Mass, there was a lively gathering of members of the Salesian Family. (Fr Edmundo Benito Morales Romero, SDB).

ELÁ NGUEMA - MALABO (EQUATORIAL GUINEA) - Feast of Mary Help of Christians
On 24 May 2015, the Association of Mary Help of Christians began the celebration with a procession through the streets of the Barrio de Elá Nguema, accompanied by songs and with the fervent recitation of the Rosary. Taking part in the procession were Fr Luis Javier Palenzuela, Parish Priest; Fr Juan Francisco Nunez, Rector of the SDB community, Fr Pepe Gangoso, Sister Lorenza Ines Ramirez and Sister Inés Atangana, FMA, and many other groups. Children and young people joined the procession, which ended in joy and jubilation in the parish of San Fernando and St John Bosco. After the procession there was a solemn celebration of the Eucharist, at which medals were given to four new members of the Association: Doña Perpetua Tobileri Bitoman, Doña Rita Laurel Castellón, Doña Basilisa Andeme Mba and Doña Isabel Castellón. (Sister Lorenza Ramírez, FMA, Animator).
On 31 May 2015 in the city of Zamora the Salesian Family paid tribute to Mary Help of Christians. About 600 people gathered, including ADMA members, members of the Salesian Family and devotees, coming from Asturias and Castile-Leon.
After the solemn Eucharist in the great church of Mary Help of Christians, at which the provincial delegate for the Salesian Family Fr Eusebio Martinez presided, there was a concert by the composer Miguel Manzano, sponsored by the ADMA of Zamora, This was followed by lunch and a visit to the Romanesque monuments in Zamora. The day ended with the singing of the Salve Regina and the blessing of Mary Help of Christians. All participants expressed their satisfaction and a great feeling of joy at experiencing the warm welcome of Mary Help of Christians and the contagious devotion to her.

On the afternoon of 2 June 2015 fifty members of the Salesian parish of St. Dominic Savio in Lecce, including members of ADMA, went to Leuca for a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady De finibus terrae. The year 2014 -2015 was seen as a providential journey of religious and charismatic development with the help of reflections on the theme of the Seventh International Congress of Mary Help of Christians: "Hic domus mea mea deinde glory. From the house of Mary to our homes: his mercy from generation to generation". They decided then to go and meet Mary in a shrine rich in biblical symbolism. The evening programme included moments of prayer and cultural awareness. The Rosary and the Mass were followed by a very interesting historical re-enactment, by three hundred participants, who represented the arrival of St. Peter in Leuca, the conversion of the local population, the building of the shrine on an ancient temple dedicated to Minerva, the protection of the Virgin with countless miracles performed over time, the repeated Moorish and Turkish invasions that caused destruction and death but never destroyed the faith of local believers in Christ. The evening ended with an impressive and exciting display of a waterfall that descends slowly from the hill of the Shrine towards the sea below. This was an experience of intense Marian devotion. All were motivated to renew their commitment to proclaim the Gospel and nourished at the founts of grace in the reassuring company of the Virgin Mary, Star of Evangelization. (Fr Tommaso De Mitri).

On 6 June 2015 at the Santo Domingo Savio Salesian House at Monzón (Huesca), the annual meeting took place of the local groups of ADMA of the three provinces of Aragon: Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel. The meeting was chaired by the Provincial, Fr Cristóbal López and was attended by the Provincial Councillor for the Salesian Family, Fr Juan Lluis Playa, recently appointed General Assistant of the Volunteers of Don Bosco, and the national animator, Fr Juan Faner. The local group of Monzón, with their President and the local council, and their enthusiastic Salesian animator, Fr José Sorando, were the life and soul of the meeting. After a fraternal welcome by the Salesian Rector and a talk on happiness in the family, the large group moved into the Shrine of the Virgen de la Alegría, Patroness of Monzón, where they celebrated the Eucharist. Gifts typical of Aragon were brought at the offertory. The members renewed their commitment of fidelity to the Salesian Marian charism. After a friendly meal, enlivened by cheerful artistic surprises, there was the final farewell in the Shrine of the College. An unforgettable day!

The 34th ADMA assembly in the area of Valencia was held in Cabezo de Torres on Saturday, 6 June. Sixteen ADMA groups took part.
The two groups in Cabezo de Torres, College and Barrio María Auxiliadora, saw to the preparation taking care of every detail so that the 387 participants could enjoy a good day and not miss anything.
The Eucharist was presided over by Juan Bosco Sancho, delegate of the Salesian Family for the central zone, with fourteen other priests concelebrating. The participants were then given a guided tour of the parish church and the college chapel with an explanation of the architecture and the paintings of both places. Lunch followed.
The evening was celebrated in typical Salesian Family style. Before supper we were entertained with some traditional dances. Supper consisted of La peña huertana La Pikaza, a dish that originated in the Salesian College. After supper there was more entertainment in the form of songs and dances by two artistes linked to the Salesian House. This lasted for more than an hour right up to the time of departure.
Finally, José Montesinos, President of ADMA-Barrio gave a souvenir of the occasion to all the participating groups; to the mayor, Juanjo Martínez; the parish priest, Fr Antonio J. Abellán; and to Frs Juan Bosco Sancho and Mario Pardos. The Provincial President, Leonor Navarro, thanked the associations from Cabezo for their immense work in organizing this meeting. He then announced that the 35th Assembly will be at IBI. On behalf of all the associations he handed over a donation of €2,580 to Fr Juan Bosco Sancho for Mali, and €1,750 to Fr Miguel Gambin, Rector of the house, for charities in Cabezo de Torres. Fr Mario Pardos brought the evening to a close with the singing of the Salve Regina and the blessing of Mary Help of Christians.


On 9 June 2015, during the meeting arranged to present the Secretariat of the Salesian Family to the newly appointed provincials, Fr Pierluigi Cameroni described the identity and life of ADMA. The Provincials present were:
o Fr Charles Randimbisoa, Madagascar (MDG)
o Fr Godfrey D'Souza, India-Mumbai (INB)
o Fr Nirmol Gomes, India-Kolkata (INC)
o Fr Honorio Caucamán, Argentina South (ARS)
o Fr Gildasio Dos Santos, Brazil-Campo Grande (BCG)
o Fr Asídio Deretti, Brazil-Porto Alegre (BPA)
o Fr Javier Ortiz, Bolivia (BOL)
o Fr Jorge Molina, Ecuador (ECU)
o Fr Hugo Orozco, Mexico-Guadalajara (MEG)
o Fr Ted Montemayor, US West (SUO).

I have been part of ADMA since 2009 and about two years ago I accepted the invitation of Fr Enrico Lupano to participate in the training course for guides to offer a welcome to pilgrims who would visit Valdocco during the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco. This was a wonderful opportunity to deepen my knowledge of Don Bosco and to grow in love for him. I also found myself speaking about his charism, his life, his difficulties, his tears, his stubbornness, and his achievements to hundreds of people. For some of them it was their first and maybe only encounter with our Saint. What a responsibility! In fact I always started these days asking Don Bosco and Mary to put the words into my mouth and I realized how my presentation changed in an almost spontaneous adaptation to the people who were there on each occasion. Listening to myself as I spoke to the pilgrims, I discovered one thing that was constant: I realized how much I was emphasizing the importance of Mary in the life and works of Don Bosco and how I invited the people to turn to Mary with trust, especially when they were here in her own house. I had found a new way of being a member of ADMA! It was, and I hope it will continue to be, a wonderful opportunity to make known the great love that Don Bosco had for the young and for Mary. (Paola Rabbione).

IN MEMORIAM: We remember with gratitude and we pray for Sister Irene Bongiovanni, FMA, first Regional Animator of ADMA in Sicily, who gave a strong boost to the Association throughout the island.

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