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Mary invites us to open our hearts to the grace of God

This month is dear to our hearts and to the whole Salesian Family because of the great solemnity of Mary Help of Christians. We look to Mary, full of grace, who invites us to open our hearts to the grace of God. She intercedes for us that we may guard God's love and bear witness to our brothers and sisters, especially to those who are far from God and do not know his love.
Mary helps us to ensure that we make concrete progress in prayer and sacrifice every day in order to grow in the love of God and live with courage the promises of our baptism. Together with her, we pray in the name of Jesus her Son, that the Father may fill us with his Spirit of holiness to be a living source of God's love.
The testimony of two new saints, Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, shows us how well they "cooperated with the Holy Spirit in renewing and updating the Church in keeping with her pristine features, those features which the saints have given her throughout the centuries. Let us not forget that it is the saints who give direction and growth to the Church.
In convening the Council, Saint John XXIII showed an exquisite openness to the Holy Spirit. He let himself be led and he was for the Church a pastor, a servant-leader, guided by the Holy Spirit. This was his great service to the Church; for this reason I like to think of him as the pope of openness to the Holy Spirit.
In his own service to the People of God, Saint John Paul II was the pope of the family. He himself once said that he wanted to be remembered as the pope of the family. I am particularly happy to point this out as we are in the process of journeying with families towards the Synod on the family. It is surely a journey which, from his place in heaven, he guides and sustains.
May these two new saints and shepherds of God's people intercede for the Church, so that during this two-year journey toward the Synod she may be open to the Holy Spirit in pastoral service to the family. May both of them teach us not to be scandalized by the wounds of Christ and to enter ever more deeply into the mystery of divine mercy, which always hopes and always forgives, because it always loves. (Pope Francis, 27 April 2014).
We invite all our groups and members throughout the world to entrust to Mary Help of Christians the synod on the family and we ask her to make us more docile to the Holy Spirit so that we may experience the wonders of God's love and boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus. We assure you of a special memento in Turin on 24 May.

Sig. Lucca Tullio, President - Don Pierluigi Cameroni SDB, Spiritual Animator

FORMATION PROGRAMME 2013-14: Da mihi anima, cetera tolle - Roberto CARELLI sdb


8. ADMA as an expression of the popular dimension of the Salesian charism

It was as a sign of gratitude to Mary Help of Christians and for the preservation and strengthening of faith among the common people, that "from Don Bosco came into being the Association of the Devotees of Mary Help of Christians (today the 'Association of Mary Help of Christians') to promote veneration for the Blessed Sacrament and devotion to Mary Help of Christians" (Article 1). "With the founding of the Groups which make up his Family… Don Bosco intended to make his own contribution to the achievement of the project of a "Christian society" to be restored in the midst of the secularisation proper to the nineteenth century, or to be established in contexts not yet evangelised" (Article 7).
Together with devotion to Mary Help of Don Bosco used to point to the pillar of the Eucharist as the secure point of reference for the Church in its journey through the trials and adversity of history. "Don Bosco placed at the centre of his spiritual life and apostolic action a convinced devotion to Jesus present in the Eucharist, the Master of the house - as he often used to say - and to the Divine Saviour, whose gestures of salvation he wanted to imitate (art.24). For us to have the sentiments of Christ the Good Shepherd, we must experience that being "rooted in Christ and conformed to Him is the deepest joy for a son or a daughter of Don Bosco. From this comes love for the Word and the desire to live the mystery of Christ re-presented by the liturgy of the Church; the careful celebration of the sacraments of the Eucharist and of Reconciliation, which educate to Christian freedom, to conversion of heart and to the spirit of sharing and of service; participation in the Paschal mystery of the Lord, which opens the way to a new understanding of life and of its meaning, personal and communitarian, interior and social (Article 24). "Paraphrasing an expression of the Council, it can be said that it is not possible to spiritually form an apostolic Family such as the Salesian one unless it has as its basis and centre the celebration of the Eucharist, from which must originate all education aimed at forming the spirit of the family" (Art. 42).
The popular dimension of the Salesian mission characterizes us in a special way as a typical expression of the charism of foundation: "Illuminated from on high, Don Bosco also turned his attention to adults, by preference those who were humble and poor, the working classes, the urban under-classes, immigrants, the marginalised, in a word, to all those who were most in need of material and spiritual assistance. Faithful to the guidance of Don Bosco, the Groups of the Salesian Family share this preferred option. The Association of Mary Help of Christians has inserted in its new Regulations the Salesian apostolate directed in particular to the working classes" (art. 16).
In the service of the working class we have a real experience of God: "The world of the working classes is the natural and ordinary context in which we encounter the young, especially those most in need of help. The commitment of the Family of Don Bosco is addressed to the ordinary people supporting them in their efforts for human development and growth in their faith, indicating and promoting the human and gospel values it stands for, such as the meaning of life, hope for a better future and the exercise of solidarity. Don Bosco traced out also with the Association of the Salesians-Cooperators and the Association of Mary Help of Christians, a path of education to the faith for the people, making good use of the contents of popular religious devotions" (Art.31).
In this perspective, we work also to promote social communication, to reach the greatest possible number of people through education and evangelization. For us, this a challenge but also an opportunity to renew our association. In fact, "Don Bosco clearly saw the effectiveness of social communication and left to his spiritual Family the task of making good use of it as a means of personal and communitarian growth, and at the same time as a means of defending and promoting the faith among the working classes" (Article 18).

The family as a specific target of the mission of ADMA
"Special attention needs to be given to the family, the place where the process of human development begins, which is intended to prepare young people for love and the acceptance of life, and the first school of solidarity among people and peoples. All are engaged in ensuring that it is afforded dignity and is soundly based so that it may become, in an ever-more evident way a small domestic church" (art.16). This attention to the human family is aimed at promoting the evangelization and education of the younger generation: "The forming of "good Christians and upright citizens" is the aim most often expressed by Don Bosco to indicate everything of which the young stand in need in order to live fully human and Christian lives: clothes, food, lodging, work, study, free time; joy, friendship; active faith, the grace of God, the way to holiness; participation, dynamism, a place in society and in the Church" (article 17).
In the animation of the family the Salesian charism returns to its roots. When the family comes in contact with the spirit of Don Bosco it receives dynamism and the joy of the Gospel. We pay particular attention to the current situation of the family, the first place of education and evangelization. The whole Church has become aware of the serious difficulties in which the family finds itself, and feels the need to offer extra help for its formation, its development and the responsible exercise of its work of education. For this reason we also are called to make sure that youth ministry is more open and connected to family ministry.
The Association of Mary Help of Christians is more and more attentive to families and young couples who, under the guidance of Mary, share a way of life which involves education, sharing and prayer. Mary is Mother and the one who teaches couples how to be spouses and parents. In this way devotion to Mary and the centrality of the Eucharist help to a new understanding of the relationship between the spouses and their engagement with their children, with the church and with society.
A special grace of Mary Help of Christians is the start of some youth groups who want to make their own the spirituality and apostolic commitment of the ADMA. Along with families, these new groups of young people are a providential gift of Mary Help of Christians who takes care of the younger generation through our association. This is an important point that we must continue to reflect on and discuss, recognizing providential situations that we may encounter. Certainly the way forward is the link with Youth Ministry and the provision of meaningful experiences for young people.




The meeting of the Presidents of the Northern Argentine Province of ADMA was held in Córdoba on 21-23 March 2014. Representatives of 20 local centres took part and the meeting was coordinated, as always, by Fr Aldo Tobares, Provincial Spiritual Animator. They were presented with the strenna for 2014, "to know and live the spirituality of Don Bosco", with the video and the formative programme for 2014. The meeting was characterized by a Salesian and Marian climate, in the style of the charism of Don Bosco. We parted with great joy, carrying in our hearts the testimony that we are apostles of Jesus and Mary.

The FMA community of Lviv, led by Sister Brygida Zurawska, has launched an ADMA group, formed by women of the Ukrainian Byzantine Rite. The group began in September of 2012 and currently consists of 12 aspirants. Our meeting is held every 24th of the month and want to get to know the identity of ADMA, Salesian spirituality, preparation of formation personnel and our way of prayer. One of the Salesians from the Parish of Pokrova comes every 24th of the month for the celebration of the Eucharist. We are studying the regulations of ADMA which we have translated into Ukrainian. We prepare for the solemn celebration of the admission of new members and the foundation of our ADMA group, scheduled for 24 May 2014 in our parish Church.

The ADMA group that operates in the village of Villa Rica has built a chapel in honour of our Mother the Help of Christians. It was a labour of love. We nourish the spirituality of Don Bosco with the help of publications in the Bulletin. We have studied the Rector Major's strenna for this year and we are preparing for the celebration of Easter. Some girls have made their entrustment to Our Lady and they are very committed. We are united in continuing to spread the love of Mary Help of Christians (Sister Lucia Gonzalez, FMA).

On March 23, 2014 more than a hundred members of ADMA gathered in the auditorium of Holy Family Parish in Santa Barbara, Pangasinan to celebrate the 36th anniversary of the devotion to Mary Help of Christians in their district. In 1978 our Mother appeared in a dream to Rodrigo Garcia, a devout man from Pasay City. This prompted him, together with his wife Remedios, to spread the devotion to Mary Help of Christians in Bo. Calarian, Santa Barbara and Pangasinan, the birthplace of Mrs. Garcia.
The members of the National Council of ADMA organized this anniversary celebration together with their spiritual director Fr Nestor Impelido, SDB. He gave a talk on the nature and purpose of the association. The festivities culminated with the celebration of the Eucharist presided over by Fr Impelido and the admission of 18 seniors and 30 juniors as full members of the ADMA. In addition, 11 children have been accepted as candidates (May Rheena R. Lim, Responsible for Promotion & Social Communications).

From 22 to 24 March 2014, a delegation from the group of ADMA in Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea (Bioko Island), had a meeting with the ADMA group of Bata Continental (Province of Equatorial Guinea), to meet, share ideas, experiences, plan some activities together and to celebrate together a Holy Week retreat with the theme Faith and Conversion. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. We were accompanied by our animators Fr Rimundo Ondo Oyono, SDB and Sister Encarnación Lorenza Ramírez, FMA.

All the meetings were held in an atmosphere of friendliness and generous hospitality.
Aranjuez 8 February 2014: Visit to Basida, a House that cares for people with HIV/AIDS and other chronic or terminal illness, in collaboration with the local council of Aranjuez.
Fuenlabrada 8 March 2014: Fuenlabrada ADMA celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation. These were years filled with joy and with great commitment. The presidents reported on the life of their councils, and the president of Guadalajara told of the formation of a group of young people.
Arévalo 5 April 2014: The meeting was held in the college and the Eucharist was presided over by Fr Anselmo Velasco and concelebrated by other animators.

The National Council met with the local ADMA in the Santa Maria Mazzarello house of the Salesian Sisters at Penalver-Havana, from 8 to 10 April 2014. The attendance included members of the groups of Manzanillo, Havana, Santa Clara, Guines and Havana (St. John Bosco Parish and Church of Mary Help of Christians) and the group of ADMA youth. The meeting was conducted by Fr Miguel Ángel Fernández, Spiritual Animator and Delegate of the National Council of the Salesian Family, and Ms. Anna Gloria Alvarez Torres, National President of ADMA, together with the Coordinating Council. The main objective of this meeting was the election of the National Council. For this reason, the meeting was held in an atmosphere of prayer and meditation, in harmony with the liturgical season of Lent. It began, like all meetings of the members, by thanking Mary Help of Christians "who has done everything" (as Don Bosco used to say). "The opening song was Rendidos a tus plantas recalling the work of the last ADMA Animator, Father Ramón García Ramperez, who had died recently. One of the highlights of the meeting was the recitation of the Rosary with the texts of Blessed John Paul II. A message of Pope Francis was read, to encourage the members in their pastoral work. The Pope's words were in tune with what Fr Pascual Chávez expressed in the summary of his twelve years of pastoral work, on the occasion of the 27th General Chapter. We need to learn the art of dying and the art of living, letting go of what must die, so that the new can germinate and bear fruit. The new National Council is as follows: Anna Gloria Álvarez Torres (President); Cesar G. Aranda (Vice-President); Migdalia Maure (Secretary); Yenisleydi Lii (Treasurer). The meeting concluded with the Eucharist in which the service and the work of the new Council (2014-2017) were entrusted to Mary Help of Christians.

For two and a half years an ADMA group has been meeting in the St. Dominic Savio House at Comodoro Rivadavia. On 24 May 2013 another group was formed in the Dean Funes college. On 24 April 2014, the two centres had a joint meeting to mark the beginning of the month of Mary Help of Christians. On the feast of Mary Help of Christians there will be new members and we are trying to start an ADMA group for teenagers (Joaquín López Pedrosa, SDB, Spiritual Animator).

From 28 to 30 April 2014 more than 60 ADMA members from Slovenia met in the Salesian House of Veržej for a Retreat. The theme was the 2014 strenna on the spirituality of Don Bosco (Fr Tone Ciglar, Provincial Spiritual Animator).







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