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Mary invites us to open ourselves in prayer

The teaching of Jesus reminds us that prayers by themselves do not save us, but only prayer as an opening of the heart to God so that, in our meeting him, he may enlighten and purify our hearts, making them humble, wise and good. When we pray, Jesus transforms us into him, we are transformed into his image, he makes his permanent dwelling in our hearts. All this happens in prayer if we decide to let God into our lives, loving him with all our heart, doing his will, as Mary did all through her life, and serving him in our brothers and sisters. The more we pray in simplicity of heart, giving ourselves to God, the more we become his children, clothed in his strength, so that Satan does not shake us like branches in the wind. Anyone who with humility and love is united to Jesus and Mary as the rock, resists the storms that the prince of this world is unleashing to snatch souls from God. Prayer works miracles not only in us, but also through us: it is the miracle of the light and goodness we radiate, becoming instruments of conversion for others. Conversion takes place by attraction. With his presence in us Jesus attracts those who are far away.
Mary knows that we find it hard to answer, so with motherly patience she exhorts us to give her our hearts, open and purified. She prays that, like the fire that is dying in the fireplace, we can renew our faith and love for Jesus, so that we can carry it to others. If we do not live in Jesus, we cannot give him. Love for Jesus is the light and the strength of our life. In welcoming him we allow Mary to accompany us on the journey to our meeting with the heavenly Father. This is the goal of life, which we must not fail, because if we lose God we lose everything.
As members of the Association of Mary Help of Christians we give thanks for the gift of meeting Pope Francis on the occasion of World Day dedicated to Mary. It was a great gift of Mary that has in some way confirmed our journey of renewal with special attention and support for the family. A family anchored to Jesus and Mary will be strong against all the snares of evil and will be a sign of hope for a new humanity and the birth of new vocations.

                    Mr. Lucca Tullio, President - Don Pierluigi Cameroni, SDB, Spiritual Animator

FORMATION PROGRAMME 2013-2014: "Da mihi animas, cetera tolle"

3. Commitment to the Church for the world

The power of "da mihi animas" and the New Evangelization
"Da mihi animas" fills the lives of those who are inspired by Don Bosco, marking their relationship with God, with their brothers and sisters, and their personal contribution in history. Contemplation is as important as action, the will to do what is good and the commitment to search the necessary means.
As followers of Don Bosco, we express the meaning of our lives in the warmth of pastoral charity. In our day there is a cultural crisis of considerable proportions, the challenge of the New Evangelization. The heart of the answer is the enculturation of the Gospel. It is a pressing need for the Church. Salesians and lay people are called to be ever more aware of the environment - the culture and education - in which they operate.

Service of the Gospel
The Son of God became incarnate to reveal the face of a Father who is a "lover of life" and to be at the service of the physical and spiritual well-being of people, especially those most in need of help and hope: "The Son of man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many" (Mk 10:45).
Following the example and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, the Church and, in it, the Salesian Family, is at the service of mankind to proclaim the Gospel and to call all to the fullness of life.
It is a service that, according to the indications of the post-conciliar magisterium includes: the renewal of humanity through social work and various forms of educational initiatives; Christian testimony both personal and community; explicit proclamation of the Gospel with religious instruction and catechesis; missionary work through inter-religious dialogue (especially the sharing of life and prayer); collaboration with members of other religions to fight against unjust situations; accompanying people who are preparing to enter the Church; the animation of prayer, especially the liturgical prayer of the Christian community; numerous initiatives of human and Christian solidarity; many forms of missionary cooperation; an evangelizing presence in places marked by religious indifference or atheism.

Forming good Christians and honest citizens is the aim most often expressed by Don Bosco. By this he meant everything that young people need in order to live their human and Christian lives to the full: clothing, food, housing, work, study and leisure, joy, friendship, active faith, God's grace, a way of sanctification, participation, dynamism, inclusion in their society and in the Church. His experience as an educator suggested a project and a particular style of intervention which he summed up in the Preventive System, which depends entirely on reason, religion and loving kindness."
The various groups of the Salesian Family take the insights and experiences of Don Bosco and reread them in the light of the renewed ecclesiology of the Vatican Council and the papal magisterium on evangelization. Their activity as educators and evangelizers is expressed in different formulae: "educative pastoral ministry" as practised in the Preventive System; "educate by evangelizing, evangelize by educating", "integral education in the style of the Preventive System"; educate and evangelize with the "pedagogy of kindness", and other similar statements.

Basically, there are three areas in which the Salesian Family realizes its multifaceted evangelical service: human development, education, and evangelization.
Evangelization, understood as a proclamation and witness to the Gospel, is the primary objective of the mission of all the groups.

The challenge of contemporary culture
Today we are witnessing an increased awareness of social, civil and political life. It calls on those who are inspired by Don Bosco to pay the same attention to cultural movements and changes. The politics of the Pater Noster becomes the way to renew society through work performed with competence and conscience, raising the level of culture and developing a joyful faith, to make all people equal as children of the same Father.

In this task, the renewed awareness of the laity brings to the foreground the responsibility of all people of good will. Some issues are urgent: the family as the sanctuary of life, respect for the dignity of the person and human rights, promoting a culture of solidarity and peace, human development leading to more just living conditions, the defence of ecological balance in the environment. A spirit of service and involvement in direct political life need to be encouraged and supported, to promote justice and fraternity, paying special attention to the poorest and the least .

Together towards a renewed apostolic commitment
Seeing culture as a human reality to be evangelized requires a new type of cooperation between all those responsible for the work of evangelization. Salesians and Christian lay people are called to put into practice the power received in baptism: faith, certainty that comes from trust in God, hope, and charity as the distinctive sign of our belonging to God and our openness to all.

We are committed to ensuring that faith becomes culture by being proclaimed, lived and celebrated in its fullness. Authentic cultural values, assessed and taken in the light of faith, are necessary for the incarnation of the message of the Gospel in culture. To fulfil this task, the Educative Pastoral Community becomes an experience of communion and a place of grace, where the educational programme contributes to uniting the divine and the human, the Gospel and the culture, faith and life, in a harmonious synthesis. In this new perspective, inspired by the Word of God and by the Church's social doctrine, we can proclaim the newness of the Gospel that focuses on the salvation of the person, service, and orientation towards the Kingdom.
Salesians are challenged to become more radical in their "sequela Christi." and lay people are invited to progress in the synthesis between accepting the Gospel and concrete action. The programme of life summed up in the beatitudes (which are the values of the Kingdom) and the Lord's Prayer may also be offered to those who belong to other religions.


On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October one of the best attended and most heartfelt moments of the Year of Faith occurred. This was the Marian Day with the presence of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. In the homily of the Mass, Pope Francis posed the question, "Am I a Christian in fits and starts, or am I always a Christian?" He deplored the fact that "the culture of the provisional and the relative is entering the way we live our faith." He then indicated marriage as an example of a fidelity that is forever, and not just for the first moments of enthusiasm.

Pope Francis presided over the Mass in St. Peter's Square with about a thousand priests concelebrating and more than one hundred thousand faithful present. He structured his homily around three points: "God surprises us", "God demands loyalty", "God is our strength". He gave the example of Mary's journey of faith, showing how she was a woman open to the "surprises" of God in her life; a woman who was faithful in times of trial and difficulty; a woman of thanks and of praise. The Pope said that Mary's attitude is still relevant, especially in relation to family life: "How often"- asked Pope Francis - "do we say thanks to those who help us, and those who are close to us on our life's journey? We often take things for granted, and this happens also with God". "Excuse me, thanks, sorry: these are the three words of a happy coexistence. If you use them, the family will be a happy one."

This re-reading of Mary's life of faith applying it to marriage and family touched the hearts of the more than 300 members of the Association of Mary Help of Christians, who had come from different regions of Italy to experience this extraordinary event of faith and of the Church. Many ADMA families were present along with many children and young people who took part in both the Marian Vigil on Saturday and the Sunday Eucharist. The Mass ended with the Act of entrustment to Mary. At the end of the Eucharist Lucca Tullio, President of ADMA, greeted Pope Francis assuring him of the prayer of the Association and presenting him with an artistic reproduction of the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Turin.

On September 21, in the Salesian house in Bernal (Buenos Aires) the annual meeting of ADMA in the Province of Southern Argentina took place. Sixty-four members from various local ADMA participated with Fr Luis Timossi as animator, The meeting coincided with the first anniversary of the National Congress of Mary Help of Christians, celebrated last year in Lujan, to which Fr Luis referred in his address. He described the presence of Mary in Don Bosco's life as "the personal presence of Mary, the hand that moulded the Salesian charisma." In the group sessions the features of Mary's presence in the dream at the age of nine were discussed, and the participants reflected on how her educative presence in the Salesian Family could be renewed: what do we want to learn from her, and how do we go about it? During the Mass, Fr Luis reflected on the word of God and presented Mary as the faithful "administrator" par excellence of the gifts she received. He invited his listeners to reflect and see if this same attitude is present in our lives (María Inés).

On 22 September, the Association of Mary Help of Christians in the parish of St. Paul (Luanda - Angola) celebrated the 25th anniversary of the birth of the group. With great joy, the whole Salesian Family celebrated the anniversary with Mass at which Fr Filiberto Rodriguez, Provincial of the Vice-Province of Angola presided. Many members of other associations in Luanda joined the ADMA of St. Paul in their prayer of thanksgiving and joy. At the end of Mass, Mr. Bartholomew Duarte, co-ordinator of the Association, delivered a commemorative diploma to Irma Rafaela, of the Congregation of St. Joseph of Cluny, who had been the promoter of the group. In the afternoon there was a lunch with the help of many members of the ADMA groups of São Paulo, Mota - Bom Pastor, São José de Nazaré from Lixeira and other members of parish groups and of the Salesian Family who shared this time of celebration in an atmosphere of joy.

FMA Petrolina (Brazil) - "We have a family that belongs totally to Mary!"
On 3 October, the educative community of the College of Our Lady Help of Christians, Petrolina welcomed Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda, FMA, Councillor General for the Salesian Family, with a happy heart. During her visit there were meetings with the various groups that share our charism in the Salesian Family, among them ADMA youth, ADMA Adults, Co-operators and Past Pupils. In her address, Sister Maria Luisa gave a testimony of fidelity to the roots of our charism, left to us by Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, as a visible sign of God's love among young people. She reminded us of our role as promoters of the educational mission entrusted to us and encouraged us to live as disciples and missionaries of Jesus Christ, especially in the midst of the many challenges of today's world. The spontaneous and charismatic presence of Sister Maria Luisa Miranda left a trail of enthusiasm and commitment to our mission. Now more than ever, we feel in our hearts a burning sense of belonging that unites us as the Salesian Family (Sr. Claudiane Cavalcante- Pastorale).

On Saturday 26 October, at the Don Bosco Salesian House of Alicante, the chairmen and members of the local Councils of ADMA in the Province of Valencia gathered with the Salesians and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the spiritual animators, under the guidance of the Provincial President Elvira Sanus and of the Provincial Assistant Fr Mario Pardos. There were fifty-nine participants from seventeen of the twenty-three local groups. After the opening prayer, led by the association of El Campello, the participants discussed various topics: training in local ADMA for the year 2013-2014; communications for the Association presented by Fr Pier Luigi Cameroni, world spiritual animator of ADMA; proposals for formation of ADMA Youth sent by the Primary ADMA of Turin; the conclusions of the last congress held in Zaragoza and the handbook of good practices for national ADMA. The meeting ended with Mass during which the president of St. John Bosco Salesian House in Valencia and the FMA animator of Sueca, both recently deceased, were particularly remembered.

The ADMA in the Province of Northern Philippines (FIN) held its thirty-first Congress on Saturday 26 October. The congress took place in the Salesian parish of St. John Bosco in Manila-Tondo. It was animated by ADMA section of Manila dedicated to Santa Maria Domenica Mazzarello and revolved around the motto: "ADMA: Disciples like Mary, let us go and serve".
The congress then proceeded to the election of the new board, which is now composed as follows: Mary L. Junifer Maliglig, President; Felicitas E. Sugue, Vice President, Leah Ann M. Castro, Secretary; Ingrid P. Lina, Treasurer; Charito Delos Reyes, Councillor for Formation of Junior members; Rebecca Albaytar, Councillor for Formation of Senior members; Leonora S. Austria, Councillor for Activities; and Rheena May R. Lim, Councillor for Development and Social Communication. The seven new Council members promised to serve and guide ADMA in the Northern Province of the Philippines for the years 2013-2017 to the best of their ability.

On Sunday 27 October, the Association of Mary Help of Christians (ADMA) held its 23rd Marian Day in a climate of Marian communion and joy. This celebration served to deepen the spirit and content of the Marian Day celebrated in Rome with Pope Francis on 13 October as part of the Year of Faith,.
Addressing about 300 people, Fr Roberto Carelli proposed a re-reading and updating of the Pope's catechesis, emphasizing the maternal role of Mary in untying the knots that block our path of faith and relationships, especially in the lives of families.
Fr. Pierluigi Cameroni, Spiritual Animator, then presented the testimony of the new martyr of the Salesian Family, Blessed Stefano Sándor, highlighting especially the deep family relationships experienced by him with both parents and siblings.
This was followed by some testimonies: a couple presented their impressions of their pilgrimage to Rome, and another told of the monthly experience of families who come together for moments of fellowship and prayer, and finally a girl of the Shalom community shared her experience of evangelization through the parish missions.
In the afternoon, in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, after the recitation of the Rosary, there was a solemn Eucharistic celebration at which Fr. Franco Lotto, Rector of the Basilica, presided. In his homily he stressed the importance of imitating Mary in her humility. She recognizes her own littleness and celebrates the greatness of God. We imitate her also in her love, which does not judge but opens up to service and welcome. During the celebration, 32 new members joined the Association from the Primary and from Arese, Ivrea, Nave and the Shalom community of Palazzolo Sull'Oglio.

On the occasion of the feast of gratitude some members of ADMA in Mendoza (Argentina) sold sweets and collected food for the needy people.

STEPHEN SÁNDOR beatified in Budapest on 19 October 2013
On Saturday 19 October 2013, in Budapest, the Servant of God Stephen Sándor was beatified. A professed brother of the Society of St. Francis de Sales, he was born in Szolnok (Hungary) on 26 October 1914 and killed in hatred of the faith on 8 June 1953. Called by the Holy Spirit to witness the Gospel in the spirit of Don Bosco to young people, he watched over them to the end, even offering his life for the salvation of the young Hungarians and in defence of the rights of the Church. Let us give thanks to the Lord for this special gift to the Church and the Salesian Family in this Year of Faith as we journey towards the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco. Stephen Sándor was a great devotee of Mary Help of Christians and spread among young people a love for the Mother of God with great enthusiasm and fervour.

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