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Mary invites us to draw close to her Immaculate Heart

Mary is our Mother and for this reason she can not leave us alone being adrift and in sin. Unfortunately, we see how humanity is undergoing a growing movement of death that is destroying the fundamental values of life, marriage, family and faith in God. It is like a tornado that destroys everything in its path. There are centres of political, cultural and economic power that fund programs which seriously undermine God's plan and the future of humanity. Even in the Church there are reasons for concern that Pope Francis today, as Pope Benedict had done before, continuously complains about.
The Blessed Virgin has taken seriously the words of Jesus on the cross: "Woman, behold your son" and has agreed to be our Mother. This is the role that Mary plays in Heaven with immense love and touching solicitude. She walks to every corner of the earth all worried about every son of hers wandering in the darkness of sin and who is lost on the road to ruin. Her task is to take us by the hand and get closer to his Heart because, through her, we can know Jesus, follow Him, love Him and serve Him. She has accepted each of us and accompanies our every step, so as it could be in the direction that leads to God and to eternal life.
In her school we are called to be disciples of Jesus, to follow him every day on the way of the cross with decision, without looking back, taking upon us His yoke that is sweet and gentle. In this way we will appraise the gift of redemption that Jesus won for us by his sacrifice. Like Jesus, we are aiming straight at the finish accepting all the demands that this entails, so we will live not after the flesh, but in obedience and docility to the Holy Spirit. Following Jesus, we will be God's true children, we will experience God's fatherhood and live in the freedom and dignity of His children.
If Mary is the Mother, mother more than any other, we, in our turn, have to accept to be her children, opening ourselves to prayer, opening to her love, for it could introduce us all to her Son. The entrustment to Mary is to accept Mary as our own Mother, put our lives, all that we are and all that we have in her hands so that she could lead us to the perfect fulfilment of God's plan for us. There is no need for formulas or special prayers, but at the beginning of each day we have to ask the Mother to enlighten us, guide us, protect us, to strengthen us, so that everything is done for the glory of God and the wonderful work of creation and redemption. Let's say in the silence of the heart: "Yes Mother, I am your son, as Jesus is. I welcome you into my life and give it into your hands."
May each partner and group of the Association of Mary Help of Christians renew the entrustment to Her every day and live the commitment to be available to Mary's project in this hour of the Church and of humanity.

                    Mr. Lucca Tullio, President - Don Pierluigi Cameroni, SDB, Spiritual Animator

Let us renew our devotion to St. Joseph

On May 1st, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments issued a decree with which it was ruled that, as already happens in the Roman Canon, also in the Eucharistic Prayers II, III and IV of the third typical edition of the Roman Missal, after the Blessed Virgin Mary, mention is made of the name of St. Joseph, Her Spouse.
Through the paternal care of Jesus St. Joseph of Nazareth, placed at the head of God's Family, abundantly fulfilled the mission received from grace in the economy of salvation and, adhering fully to the beginning of the mysteries of human salvation, he has become an exemplary model of that generous humility, which Christianity raises to a great destiny, and witness of those virtues, human and simple, necessary for men to be honest and authentic followers of Christ. By means of them that righteous, who took loving care of the Mother of God and dedicated to the joyful task of raising Jesus Christ, has become the guardian of the most precious treasure of God the Father and has been revered incessantly for centuries by God's people as support of the Mystical Body that is the Church.
In the Catholic Church the faithful have always shown uninterrupted devotion to St. Joseph and have constantly and solemnly honoured the memory of the most chaste spouse of the Mother of God and heavenly Patron of the whole Church, to the point that the already Blessed John XXIII, during the sacrosanct Council Vatican II decreed that his name was added in the ancient Roman Canon. The Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI wanted to accept and graciously approve in writing the most devout wishes come from many places, confirmed now by the Supreme Pontiff Francesco, considering the fullness of the communion of saints who, once pilgrims with us in the world, lead us to Christ and unite us to him.
The title of "spouse" is essential both to honour Mary's motherhood, and, in particular, to ensure to Jesus' Davidic descent, which is needed for the title of "Christ", as taught by the evangelist Matthew. Without St. Joseph, also, there would be no "Holy Family", "salvific mystery", which places St. Joseph, together with Mary, in the mystery of the Incarnation! The pastoral care of the family urgently needs to deepen this doctrine. At the school of Don Bosco let's renew our devotion to St. Joseph, entrusting to him the defence and the sanctification of our families and learning from him the abandonment to Divine Providence.


PORTO NOVO (BENIN) - On May 19th, the Parish of St. Francis Xavier in Porto Novo celebrated the feast of Mary Help of Christians. At the 7:00 am Mass four adults have made their subscription commitment: Honorine HESSOU, Antoine AGBADJIZO, Célestine HODONOU and Véronique KANWO, received the medal and the regulation. After the Mass at 9:00 am, presided over by Father Norbert Adjopr, there was the acceptance of four girls to ADMA Youth: Nadège HOUSSOU, Noëlie HOUSSOU, Rosine HOUSSOU and Christelle AVOCEGAMOU. For the young people it was a great day of celebration, lived in an atmosphere of joy and happiness. You had to see them in their uniform prepared for the occasion!

On Friday May 24, the Solemnity of Mary Help of Christians, Father Francisco Cervantes Huitrón SDB, began ADMA in Chihuahua. 68 adults have expressed their commitment to live and spread the devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary Help of Christians, and about 35 children were consecrated to the Virgin. With a group composed mostly of families, once again the dream of Don Bosco to bring the reality of the Gospel into our daily lives comes true. The ceremony was enriched by the participation of all the laity, who with great faith honoured Jesus and Mary Help of Christians. The day's prayer was especially for vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life in the Salesian Family. The birth of ADMA starts a new challenge for the Salesian presence in Chihuahua.

The group of ADMA-Rakovnik Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the day of Mary Help of Christians welcomed 5 new members: Jana ALBERT, Amalia BARICEVI, Magdalena BOREC, Apolonija FERJAN; Marija ORKIC (Tone Ciglar SDB spiritual animator).

In the Parish of Mary Help of Christians we have experienced the celebration of May 24th with a procession through the streets of the neighbourhoods and with the celebration of the Eucharist. There was also a drawing for a raffle to raise funds to continue the construction of our temple. Every 24th of the month we draw lots for a picture of the Virgin Mary Help of Christians, so that every month she could visit a new family. Our Association meets twice a month with the animator Don Peppe Leo to study the material submitted with ADMAonline and we are also investigating the letters of the Rector Major. In this month the training for new aspirants also began, most of who are young (Francisco Mendez).

HIALEAH (U.S.) - On May 24th, the ADMA group of Hialeah welcomed 14 new members who expressed their membership of the Association receiving the medal of Mary Help of Christians. The Eucharist was presided over by the parish priest Father Francisco Hernandez with the participation of 500 people. Mrs Clara Ruoco and Mrs. Mari Carmen Acosta founded the group, which already is 25 years old.

Big celebration for the ADMA group that has welcomed two new members Ana and Brigita. The Bishop Peter Štumpf presided over the ceremony, held in the cathedral of the city. Sister Damjana Tramte, FMA Provincial, Father Tone Ciglar, sr. Marija A. Simoncic, spiritual leaders, and Mihaela Žokš, president of ADMA in Murska Sobota, attended the ceremony.

Benguela (ANGOLA) - Group ADMA with the animator Father Luis Antonio Michelino

Mendoza (Argentina) - The new group of ADMA Youth composed by Joel, Fernando, Facudno, Martin and Nicolas with the ladies Reimunda Fernandez and Miriam Giraud Billoud. Some members of the ADMA group with the animator Father Adolfo Aguirre.

The ADMA world Animator, Fr. Pierluigi Cameroni, held in June from 14 to 16 the School of Education for members and ADMA groups of Peru. There were represented groups from Lima, Callao, Piura, Cusco, Chosica, Arequipa, Ayacucho and Huancayo and members of the FMA presences. In a family climate was presented the comment to the Regulations of the Association, developing the following points: the nature of ADMA; membership and personal commitment, the local, provincial and worldwide organization. ADMA is a Marian group that requires the personal commitment of the partners, the witness and a Marian animation, consistency and commitment in everyday life. The Association is being renewed with the accompaniment of families and young couples, in the belief that the family is the basic cell of society and the Church. The training school was concluded with the presentation of the life and virtuous profile of the Servant of God Bishop Octavio Ortiz Arrieta, the first Peruvian Salesian and the first Salesian bishop of this country. The cause of this Servant of God, whose Positio has been delivered this April, has been promoted, emphasizing the importance of his famous holiness and its extraordinary signs. Special thanks went to the group of ADMA-Brena Lima who prepared and accompanied the event with the guidance of Fr. Vincente Santilli, the Provincial Father, Fr. Dal Ben Santo who has participated in these training days and of the Provincial Sr. Matilde Nevares. The hope is that from this school may flourish a renewed presence of ADMA in Peru, finding in the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Lima, in the process of restoration and renovation, its charismatic centre of devotion to Mary Help of Christians in the Peruvian land.

Sunday, June 23rd: 200 ADMA members of Piedmont and Lombardy have concluded the associated year with a pilgrimage to the places of Blessed Pope John XXIII, on the occasion of the Year of Faith and 50 years after his death. His native village, Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, offered many examples of holiness and pastoral kindness of this great pope, much loved by the people of God. Then the group met with the Shalom community in Villa d'Adda, who greeted everybody with a lot of fraternity and friendship. Sr. Rosalina Ravasio, the founder of the community, reminded us what it means to be members of ADMA: be available to Mary, to Her programs, to help Mary who always wants to help us.

Monday, 24th June, the Feast of St. John the Baptist: ADMA members from Los Teques, Dolorita and La Vega visited the Shrine of Mary Help of Sarria, accompanied by the National ADMA animator, Father Luis Azzalini. In the sanctuary we were welcomed by the parish vicar, Father Eligio Moreto, who made us visit the Salesian house and told the story of the Salesian presence. Father Luis celebrated the Eucharist, in an atmosphere typical of the Salesian Family, animated by the "Muchachera peregrina of Mary Help of Christians", an ADMA youth group of the parish of Dolorita. The visit ended with a moment of lively fraternal sharing in the parish hall.

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