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Mary invites us to work for our conversion

Mary is present in our midst as our mother and our help. She calls for our entrustment to her heart: she'll take our lives and give them renewed to her Son Jesus.
That work is the way to conversion today mostly in our fight against the spirit of impurity which so much destroys and spoils. This is a difficult and sorrowful step that requires fight, renunciation and sacrifice. Above all, it is a matter of completly having full consciousness of our sins and confessing them, for an impure heart cannot be in Christ Jesus and with Jesus. An impure heart cannot bear fruits of love and fellowship. An impure heart cannot accomplish righteousness and justice, it is not an example of beauty of the love of God and of those who are near him and who has known him. It is only with a purificated heart that Mary will gain for us by the means of the Spirit of her Son, faith in our hearts.
According to what Jesus says there is a sovereign way for purification: "Already you are clean because of the word that I have spoken to you" (Jn 15,3). There are not many ritual exercises which have the ability of purifying the soul, only His Word does. The word of Jesus is not like the human word. Jesus himself is present in it, the same as he is present in the Eucharist. Through the Word, Christ enters in us, as long as we leave it work in us, it liberates us from sin and therefore purifies our hearts. So purity is the fruit of a Lived Word, of all these words of Jesus we are liberated from the so called attachments, in which we usually and obviously fall, if our heart is not in God and his teachings. These teachings can be related to things, creatures themselves. But if the heart is fixed at God only, everything else is void.
Mary teaches us and holding our hand, we are guided by Her to live accordingly to the Word, nourishing us with it at the highest moment, making our life a continous work of evangelisation. This way we'll have the same thoughts and the same feelings of Jesus, to live it in the world, this society is so much involved in evil doings and in sin that we need to show it the divine purity, the transparency given by the Gospel.
This way we shall live the month that prepares us to the great solemnity of Mary help of Chirstians under her care and her blessing. We want to say thanks to her because she accompanies us and sustains our Association: various groups celebrate their anniversaries of erection and of aggregation (a hundred years and more!!!); new groups are erected and would like to be aggregated; there is an intensified holding of national and provincial congresses; the celebrations of spiritual exercises are well prepared and they are seen as an essential moment of formation, communion and renewal of local groups and of a sense of belongingness for the individual members.
Happy month of May with Mary Help of Christians!

Sig. Lucca Tullio, President
Don Pierluigi Cameroni SDB, Spiritual Animator

     WAY FOR FORMATION 2011-2012

8. Mary Help of Christians in the foundation of the Association of the devotees of Mary Help of Christians
                   (don Pierluigi Cameroni

A born organiser, Don Bosco did not leave the cult to Mary Help of Christians simply to spontaneous devotion. He gave it stability with an Association which took her name. First- hand witnesses saw in this institution one of the initiatives most dear to Don Bosco and the one with the widest impact after that of the two religious Congregations and the Association of the Cooperators91.
He himself traced out the origins in the leaflet Association of the Devotees of Mary Help of Christians canonically erected in the Church dedicated to Her in Turin with history information about this title by the priest John Bosco92. Following the presentation To the reader, some short chapters describe the history of the title of Help of Christians, from the Bible to the battle of Lepanto (1571), to the liberation of Vienna in 1683 and, finally, to the institution of the feast by Pius VII in 181493. A few pages were dedicated to the Devotion to Mary Help of Christians at Monaco and at Turin and to the spiritual favours granted by Pius IX to the sanctuary in Turin94. This is followed by documents concerning the canonical approbation of the Association. The first was from April 1869, the Supplica by Don Bosco to the archbishop of Turin, "requesting the canonical approbation of the Association.". In this he asked him to "take in gracious consideration" the "pious project" and to examine the Statutes and - expressing the usual total readiness - "to add, remove, change " whatever he judged appropriate, "with all the conditions" "he might judge suitable to promote the glories of the August Queen of Heaven and the good of souls," The approbation of Archbishop Riccardi dated 18 April was gracious and generous, in harmony with the brief of 16 March with which Pius IX had granted to the new Association ample indulgences for ten years95. The last part of the leaflet contained the text of the statutes, a long series of prayers and devout practices with an indication of the relevant indulgences attached, a short catechetical explanation about indulgences in general, the decree of 22 May 1868, with which Pius IX granted a plenary indulgence to all those who "in a religious spirit " visited "the church dedicated in Turin to Mary the Immaculate Virgin under the title of Mary Help of Christians, on the titular feast of this church or on one of the preceeding days "96.
As he was accustomed to say in presenting important documents, Don Bosco attributed the origin of the Association to "repeated requests," coming "from all parts and from people of all ages and every condition" during and after the construction and the consecration of the church. He referred to the associates as "those united in the same spirit of prayer and piety paying homage to the great Mother of the Saviour invoked with the beautiful title of the Help of Christians"97.
In these circumstances too Don Bosco quickly drew up the statutes which were not a masterpiece of doctrinal or juridical presentation but which shone for their spontaneity and practical nature. He mentioned again the close links that he usually indicated between devotion to Mary and to Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. The material was divided into three sections, the first without heading: the purpose and the means, the spiritual advantages, reception. Enrolment was open to all without any special conditions (Reception, art. 1-3)98. The following were proposed to the Associates as the aims: zeal for the increase in piety, spirituality, worship: "to promote the glories of the divine Mother of the Saviour" (art. 1); "to spread devotion to the Blessed Virgin and veneration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament " (art. 2), to make use "of words, of advice, good works and influence to promote dignity and devotion in the novenas, feasts and solemnities that occur during the year to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Most Holy Sacrament" (art. 3); additionally, to encourage "the spreading of good books, pictures, medals and leaflets, taking part in processions in honour of Mary most holy and the Blessed Sacrament and encouraging others to do likewise, frequent Communion and presence at Holy Mass, the accompaniment of Viaticum to the dying " (art. 4); to make great efforts "never to use blasphemy or engage in talk contrary to religion, and to do their utmost to prevent those under their charge from doing likewise; they will also do all they can to remove obstacles in the way of the sanctification of Sundays and Feast-days " (art. 5). The means were basically an intense life of personal piety: " to approach the Sacraments of Confession and Communion once a fortnight or once a month, and assist at daily Mass if one's duties permit." (art. 6); for the ordinary faithful, brief suitable prayers were suggested in the morning and evening, and for priests, having the intention of praying at mass for all the members of this pious Association: " These prayers," he pointed out, "will serve as a bond to unite all the members so that they form a single mind and soul to give due honour to Jesus hidden in the Eucharist and his august Mother, and participate in all the good works done by each member." (art. 7)99. Regarding the spiritual growth of the members in "putting in common all their good works," prayers and indulgences, the eight articles under the heading Spiritual advantages100 dealt at length.
To increase the expansion of the Association Don Bosco managed to have it erected as an Archconfraternity, with the faculty of aggregating to it similar associations already in existence or later to be erected. This was granted by Pius IX with the brief Sodalitia Fidelium of 5 April 1870, which, however, limited the aggregation to the archdiocese of Turin. With a subsequent brief Expositum Nobis of 2 March 1877 the faculty was extended to all the dioceses of Piedmont. After the death of Don Bosco, Leo XIII, first with the brief Admotae Nobis preces of 25 June 1889, granted the faculty of aggregation to all the similar associations "erected or to be erected in any church or public oratory belonging to the Salesian Society wherever they may be "; then with the brief Cum multa of 19 January 1894 he conferred in perpetuo on the Rector Major of the Salesians and his successors the faculty of being able "to validly and lawfully erect other associations of the same name, and institute in any place where houses and churches of the Congregation existed and aggregate the associations erected to the above mentioned Archconfraternity"; two years afterwards with the brief Sodalitas of 25 February 1896 he granted the Rector Major and his successors the faculty of "aggregating to the same Archconfraternity", established in the church of Mary Help of Christians in Turin, other associations with the same aims and of the same kind canonically erected in any church or diocese ". Finally, the Sacred Congregation for Religious with the rescript of 31 July 1913 granted the privilege that the Rector Major might canonically erect the Associations of the Devotees of Mary Help of Christians also in the houses of the Institute of the FMA and aggregate them to the Primary Centre in Turin101.
(PIETRO BRAIDO, Don Bosco prete dei giovani nel secolo delle libertà, LAS, Roma 2003, Vol I pp. 526 - 528.)

What does ADMA stand for?

An Association founded by don Bosco in 1869.
A group of the Salesian Family.
An Association for the Laity.
A way for formation, sanctification and for salesian mission.
A shared way for defence, formation and for witness to the catholic faith.
A group living and propagating the cult to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
An Association for the broadcasting of the devotion to Mary Help of Christians according to the
spirit of don Bosco.
Elements that can help the life of the Association of Mary Help of Christians for the today's common commitment to live the apostolic anxiety of don Bosco expressed in the motto "Da mihi animas cetera tolle":

* the focus on the marian dimension of the salesian charism;
* the apostolic and lay dimension of the Association;
* the theological and marian formation of the members;
* the pastoral and educative action with the couples and the young families;
* the focus on the implication of the youth in this spiritual and pedagogical journey aiming at the presentation of the motherly face of Mary and the Church;
* the promotion of vocations through the marian and eucharistic prayer;
* the communion and the collaboration in the Salesian Family, with the celebration of the Congresses of Mary help of Christians at the provincial, national and international level, as its most significant expressions;
* the spreading in the salesian parishes of the ADMA as one of the most fundamental elements of "salesianity" in the parish pastoral mission;
* the presentation of the ADMA to the SDB and the FMA in various phases of the initial formation.

To be part of the ADMA means living with Mary as a model, being humble and with a heart full of love for the neighbour. Mary guides our footsteps, she sustains us in difficult times, she brings comfort in times of troubles and educates us in the love of her Son.



Palermo (Villa Ranchibile)
Diocese of Palermo - Italia - Reg. n. 2023 - Date of aggregation 24-01-2012

Massaranduba - SAGRADO CORAÇÃO DE JESUS Parish
Diocese of Joinville - Brasil (Santa Catarina) - Reg. n. 2024 - Date of aggregation 24-02-2012

Itajaí - São João Bosco Parish
Diocese of Florianópolis - Brasil (Santa Catarina) - Reg. n. 2025 - Date of aggregation 24-02-2012

Soto del Real - Nuestra Señora del Pilar
Diocese of Madrid - Spain - Reg. n. 2026 - Date of aggregation 24-03-2012

Bogotá - Juan Bosco Obrero
Diocese of Bogotá - Colombia - Reg. n. 2027 - Date of aggregation 24-04-2012


On 24th January 2012 Donna Eva Maria Rocaberti died on the venerable age of 101, emeritus President Elipa, particularly recalled in a solemn and participated celebration, presided by the Spiritual Animator of the ADMA D. Anselmo Velasco, on 24th february in the parish church. It was a manifestation of faith, prayer and thanksgiving because of the testimony of a good christian life and of the love for Mary Help of Christians. Eva Maria Rocaberti began as a member of the Association of Mary Help of Christians in 1964 in the new area of La Elipa. She came from Granada, where she has participated already actively in the spreading of the devotion to the Help of Christians. She met the Salesian family in 1945 in Granada, salesians just arrived there with don José María Manfredini, student of John Bosco. Don Santiago Martínez at that time was in Santo Domingo Savio, an area of Madrid in San Blas, he encouraged to form a new association in La Elipa, giving her generously the image that is fixed today in the chapel of the Most Holy in the Saints Perpetua and Felicitas parish, erected by the Agustinian Recolletti Fathers. Eva María knew how to surround herself with good people to start and promote the devotion to Mary Help of Christians. They worked intensively, with enthusiasm and commitment to help the new parish, situated in its first years in commercial centre to the service of the poor, procuring to send a major number of the children to the salesian school of Santo Domingo Savio and the small girls to the Salesian Sisters' of Via Emilio Ferrari. The first procession in the streets of the area is dated on January 1967. The "capillas", today as ever, carry on the visit to houses, accompanying the elders and the sick, making present Mary Help of Christians in the families. She was part of the Provincial Council as treasurer. To pay homage to her on the 50th anniversary of the salesian life she received the congratulations from Don Juan Edmundo Vecchi, Rector Major, on the 23rd march 1996. We are grateful to her for she carried Mary Help of Christinas in our area, in our homes, in our life. In few words we summarize the 30 years in which Dª María Rocaberti was President of the ADMA: love for Mary, love for God, love for her Church, love for the Salesian Family (ADMA of La Elipa).


THE Association of Mary Help of Christians (ADMA), of the Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga, Mumbai, India, spent a day of get together visiting, on 26th January2012, the Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, 21 participants. At the arrival the Principal, Fr. Anthony Fonseca, gave us a warm welcome and explained to us the educative method used to build a good relationship between students and teachers that transforms, enables the students to develop all their potentialities, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social. Later on the group was divided into 3 small groups and dramatized a parable of the Gospel: the prodigal Son, Lazarus the poor man and the Good Samaritan. The ADMA members then participated in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, presided by Fr. Wilfred D'Souza, their Spiritual Animator, he presented briefly the saints of the day [Ss Timothy and Titus], the day of the feast of the Republic of India and the role of the ADMA. He asked all of us to be the change itself that our nation needs. The Eucharistic celebration was concluded by the chanting of a hymn to Don Bosco, that asks Don Bosco to always be our model. We all were honoured with a good and well- cared-of-lunch. During the sharing within the small groups, some important points emerged such as the question to Fr. Wilfred, to start the meetings of the catechists for adults.


The first group of the Salesian Family in Slovenia officially was the group of Salesian Cooperators in 1890. These cooperators willed the coming of the Salesians of Don Bosco who arrived then at Rakovnik on 23rd November 1901. Within three months, precisely on 12th February 1902, they had already built up the group of ADMA, aggregated to ADMA Primaria with the registration number 52. In the year 1945 that group of the salesian family ended up. In 1994 we translated in slovenian the new Rule of the ADMA. This marked also the new beginning to find new candidates for the Association. The first joinings came at Rakovnik on the 8th December 2000. Then followed other four groups. Among the five local groups of ADMA today there are 238 members and around ten aspirants. The sixth group is also in formation. In all the groups of Slovenia we have celebrated already the memory on 24th February, especially the group of Rakovnik. The month of May we'll have a festive memory with a pilgrimage of the members of the ADMA in the places don Bosco lived and worked. We pray for a new flourishing of the ADMA even in Slovenia (don Tone Ciglar SDB, Spiritual Animator).


Memory of a happy day. On the 3rd of March 2012 the ADMA of Carabancel-Alto (Madrid) organised a getting together of the zone, at the "Salesian Training Institution". The councils of 11 groups of Madrid and Guadalajara participated. After the morning prayer, the Sdb Jesús Arambarri gave a talk on the theme: The Virgin Mary and the Word of God, meanwhile a power point on the history of the ADMA of Carabanchel-Alto striked the admiration of the participants. The Eucharist in honour of don Bosco and the fraternal agape concluded that moment of sharing.


From 14th to 16th March 2012 the spiritual exercises were held at the spiritual centre of the Mazzarelli a Mornese, place of birth of S. Maria Domenica Mazzarello, with around thirty members of the ADMA Primaria and of Turin. The theme of the days was inspired by the strenna of this year: contemplating don Bosco as Good Shepherd we felt renewed in our way of faith in God and in the committment to be educator-pastors of the youth. These days confirmed to be a necessary moment for the life of the members and the groups for the care for formation, the growth on the way of prayer, and the maturing of the sense of belongingness to the ADMA. The joy and the spiritual satisfaction filled the heart of all who experienced the grace to be with Mary Help of Christians one heart and one soul. "in this magnificent place situated among the hills near Genova, the land of S. Maria Domenica Mazzarello, we breathe the air of spirituality, it seems that even nature gives praise to God. After a frenetic year of activities, constantly given as a gift by the clock, giving to God only few spaces of time, we stop a while to meditate. We see how much He loves us; not pretending, not asking, not forcing… but waiting, patiently waiting for us to open our hearts to Him! Let us not loose courage if we feel unworthy of so much love, let us face the fatigue to change our habits, let us leave aside our egoism, our pride, our indifference, let us put into practice the commandment of Love: "Love your God and love your neighbour as yourself"! Is it impossible? Is it a dream? Even dreams come true, Don Bosco is our life example. At the end of his life his dream came true! But what a fatigue, what a job, what a humility! Let us walk and if ever we are walking already, let us continue our journey towards the fulfilment of our dream: to be like God, we need that at the end of a day he might say to us: "Daughter, you have done well what was required of you" (Giusy).

ALCAMO (TRAPANI - SICILIA) - WEBSITE OF THE LOCAL ASSOCIATION http://www.adma.altervista.org. We cease the opportunity to signal a website to give the nice testimony on Nino Romano, President and passionate Animator of this ADMA group. "A person who collaborates in the growth of the broadcasting of the cult for Mary Help of Christians in Alcamo is Antonio Romano, the actual president of the association. He has a strong faith in Mary and Jesus and has contributed to the birth of the marvelous reality of the ADMA of Alcamo. The love that he expresses towards the "Heavenly Mother", finds its roots from his childhood by living in the salesian settings, and still he does not spare energies to spread it unceasingly to others. The interest of Antonio for the ADMA began in the late year 90. The ADMA Association of Alcamo was then exclusively feminine: and the actual president in these years founded the association of the "Portatori di Maria Ausiliatrice" (in jargon calledi "li carricatura") he integrated men at all cost, carriers of the statue in the association. The year 1998 marked officially the opening of the association to men. But it was not enough to remain at the forms: there was the need to work so that at the centre of all there might be primarily the spiritual formation, guided by Mary towards Jesus. From that point the encounters for formation started every month. The whole month through some moments of spirituality with the adoration to the Most Blessed Sacrament alternated with the eucharistic celebration and moments of fellowship among the members aiming at the organisation of some liturgical events. Today the association counts adolescents and couples, around 100 members, committed to 360 steps in activities which aim at the promotion of the devotion to Mary. Even us, members of the ADMA somehow like the Apostles in the middle of the tempests, we have learnt to face the small and big problems with a spirit of sacrifice and dedication, sure that every gesture is appreciated by our "Heavenly Mummy". Our president being alone in front of the statue of Mary Help of Christians, in a moment of temptation: "Mariù ca sugnu, un ti lassu!", (Mary, I am here and I will not leave you!), that way, we members of the ADMA of Alcamo in every moment entrust ourselves to Her with the same expression" (Giusy Pero).

We warmly invite all the groups of Spanish language, particularly those of America, to make known and spread the Review of Mary Help of Christians in the Spanish Edition.

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