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With Mary strong and firm

We give thanks to the Holy Spirit and to Mary for the wonders which took place during the VI International Congress of Mary Help of Christians (Czestochowa 3rd to 6th August 2011), and we noticed how alive and widespread the Association of Mary Help of Christians is around the world, an association which is "more youthful and more Salesian." (Fr Chávez). ADMA once again proved to be the popular expression of the Salesian spirituality, by specifically committing to spreading faith among God's people through the devotion to Mary Help of Christians and the centrality of the Eucharist, in special communion with the Senior Rector and in harmony with his indications, giving testimony of a strong faith at a testing time for the Church and of confusion for the whole of humanity.
We would like to invite all ADMA members and groups to look back on all the texts and material collected and to make use of it for training. ( www.admadonbosco.org).
By Christmas, the DVD in 4 languages (Italian, Spanish, English and Polish) will be ready, along with the various contributions and videos from the Congress. ADMA's national congresses which are interested, should write down the language and number of copies they wish to receive by writing to adma@admadonbosco.org
In particular, we wish to welcome and to carry out the Senior Rector's instructions to ADMA:


" We cannot be responsible for pastoral care for young people if the latter does not go along with pastoral care for families. The presence of families and young couples who under Mary's guidance are undergoing the same life journey, which is made up of education, sharing and prayer, is a real gift from Mary Help of Christians, who takes care of the new generations." From the Congress,"Youth ADMA" stood out in particular. The need is felt to create more and more sharing and connections among the various groups throughout the world.


"I ask ADMA to offer all groups from the Salesian Family ideas and apostolic experiences together with young people, in order to stress Mary's role in history, in Don Bosco's pedagogy and spirituality." This is why this month, through ADMAonline, we will begin our path to formation which this year will introduce us to : " Mary Help of Christians in Don Bosco' s life and story".


"I invite all to take on the Marian spirit of service, which is made up of education, giving testimony and commitment." We commit to taking care of the local Councils' life and education, paying special attention to the promoter of the Salesian spiritual activities.
On the website (www.admadonbosco.org) can be found ADMA's guideline commitments for 2011-2012.
As the Association of Mary Help of Christians we truly wish to entrust ourselves by committing to making our "yes" concrete, by being strong and firm in living our baptism's commitments: renouncing Satan and trusting God. We fight under Mary's banner in order to be Christ our Lord's disciples, as well as the Gospel's disciples. Our struggle against the power of the Evil one and against selfishness demands a strong prayer life and a firm commitment to sacrifice, detachment and fasting, in order to be docile to the Spirit's action and to follow Mary's plan. We are called to be yeast and light for people who are far from God and from His love and with Mary, we are called to be stronger than evil!

Mr. Lucca Tullio, President
Fr Pierluigi Cameroni SDB, Promoter of spiritual activities


In the light of the Senior Rector's message for 2012, which states that: " The first of the three years of preparations to the 200th anniversary since Don Bosco's birth, centres around getting to know his story. We must study it and through the events that occurred in his life, get to know him as a teacher and pastor, founder, guide and legislator. We are talking about the type of knowledge that leads to love and imitation." As the Association of Mary Help of Christians, we are committed to deepening the following theme: Mary Help of Christians in Don Bosco' s life and story.

1. Mary Help of Christians and Don Bosco (Fr Pierluigi Cameroni)

From the historical point of view, the title and devotion to Mary Help of Christians in Don Bosco' s life, became established gradually. Here is some evidence: the chapel whose altar and statue is devoted to Mary Help of Christians in St Francis from Paola's church in Turin, where Cafasso sent Don Bosco when he first became a priest. In a 1848, a calendar hanging in Don Bosco's room and 5 images depicting the Virgin Mary where found: one of them had the following inscription on it: "Oh Immaculate Virgin, you who alone managed to defeat all heresies, come to our help, with our whole heart we appeal to you: Auxilium Christianorum ora pro nobis". It is in the climate which characterised Italy between 1848 and 1879 (the taking of Rome), when Don Bosco' s references to Mary Help of Christians started to increase. These were years marked by dramatic events, which shocked many Catholics: anti clerical laws, the spread of Protestantism, the Roman issue, the absence of bishops from many dioceses. At a time of such great trials, the Church started addressing Mary as Help and Protection of Christians.
In particular, in May 1862, Don Bosco talks about the famous dream of the two columns, where he describes the struggle of the church in the sea of the world, and the fact that only being anchored to the columns of the Immaculate (Help of Christians) and the Eucharist, is the source of salvation for the church and the papacy. Another decisive event was Our Lady's apparitions in Spoleto, a city in the centre of Italy and belonging to the papal state, which became well known and were interpreted as a sign of Mary's powerful help in the testing times faced by the church in Italy. From Piedmont, which at that time was far away and divided by political barriers, Don Bosco turned his attention to Our Lady of the Star, which the archbishop of Spoleto, Monsignor Armandi had baptised with the glorious name of Auxilium Christianorum on the 8th December 1862. Don Bosco made a public announcement on the 24th May 1862 in his "good night", as we can see from his bibliographical memoirs: " In the evening, Don Bosco announced with great joy the miraculous appearance of a picture of Mary near Spoleto." On the 8th December 1862 Don Bosco explained to his server Cagliero, who will later become cardinal, the reasons for his devotion to Our Lady under the title of Mary Help of Christians: "Up to now we have solemnly celebrated the feast of the Immaculate, and it is on this day that work for the first Summer Youth Clubs began. But Our Lady now wants us to honour Her with the title of Help of Christians: times are so sad that we need the Holy Virgin to preserve our Christian faith." In his "good night" on the 11th January 1865, Don Bosco said: " In Spoleto the picture of Our Lady keeps producing amazing miracles. It is strange that by looking at each individual letter of the Latin word SPOLETUM, an acrostic comes up: S: sancta; P: parens; O: onnipotentis; L: legiferi; E: et; T: totius; U: universi; M: mater; et tutrix universi Maria (S is for Holy, P is for parent,O is Omnipotent, L is for Legislator, E is for and T is for all, U is for universe, and M for Mother, in other words, Mary, Protector of the whole Universe ). This sums up the title of Maria Auxilium Christianorum".
Don Bosco' s decision to use this title for Our Lady came in 1862, when he started planning the building of the church of Mary Help of Christians. Regarding this shift, Fr Egidio Viganò wrote: " This will be his definitive Marian choice: the point of arrival of a never ending vocational growth, and the centre of expansion for his Founder's spirituality. In Mary Help of Christians, Don Bosco acknowledges as final the image of the Lady which was the cause for his vocation, which was and will always be his Inspiration and Teacher." (Mary renews the Salesian Family p.17). This point of arrival is also a point of departure: these are the last 25 years of Don Bosco' s life: the years of his full human and spiritual maturity, the years which mark the Congregation's world missionary expansion. The years in which this saint from Valdocco is fully immersed in current affairs, which are often dramatic, in the church and the new Italian scenario, both as a priest and as a teacher. This period is marked by the increasing presence of Mary Help of Christians, both in the life of individuals and of the Christian community.
Regarding the theological and historical awareness of the title: "Maria Auxilium christianorum," the booklet entitled "wonders of the Mother of God invoked with the title of Mary Help of Christians" of 1868, of which we will report some significant passages, is of great help to us: "The title of Auxilium Christianorum, which is attributed to the venerable Mother of our Saviour, is not new in the Church of Jesus Christ. In the very holy books of the Old Testament, Mary is called the Queen which sits at the right hand of his Devine Son, dressed in gold and surrounded by varieties: Adstitit Regina a dextris tuis in vestitu deaurato, circumdata varietate: Psalm 44. This golden mantle surrounded by varieties refers to the gems and diamonds, which are the titles we use to refer to Mary. Therefore, when as Christians we call upon the Holy Virgin for help, we simply call her by a special title, which suits Mary like a diamond on her golden robes. In this sense Mary was greeted with the tile of "Help of Christians" from the very beginnings of Christianity.
A very special reason for which the Church has been favouring the title of Auxilium Christianorum , is that given by Monsignor Parisis, who says: " It is usually the case that when mankind finds itself facing an extraordinary crisis, it acknowledges and blesses with another adjective this admirable creature which is Holy Mary, who on this earth, is the most magnificent reflex of the Creator's perfection." (Nicolas, page 121). Today, the universal need to invoke Mary is not special but rather general: it is no longer the half hearted who need to be filled with fervour, sinners who need to be converted or innocents who need to be protected. These things are always useful everywhere for anyone. But it is the very Catholic Church which is under attack. It is under attack in its services, in its sacred institutions, its Head, its doctrine, its discipline. It is under attack as Catholic Church, as the centre for truth, as a teacher for all faithfuls. And it is precisely in order to enjoy special protection from Heaven that it invokes Mary as our common Mother, as a special helper for the King and for Catholics worldwide!"
Little further in the same book, quoting authoritative sources, Don Bosco wrote: "An eighteen centuries long experience, shows us very clearly that Mary, as the mother of the Church, continues the mission which she had began on earth, which is to help Christians."
We are devotees of Mary Help of Christians! Let us be proud of professing such devotion! We will be numbered among those Christians which Don Bosco had spoken about. In 1887 he wrote: " Appeals to Mary Help of Christians among her faithful people increase by the day", and he adds: "There will come a time when every good Christian will boast of his tender devotion to Mary Help of Christians, alongside the devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Sacred Heart of Jesus."
We end the first leg of our journey with this striking and powerful prayer by Don Bosco to Mary Help of Christians:

Oh Mary Help of Christians, our Saviour's Blessed Mother,
Your help in favour of Christians is invaluable.
Through you heresies were defeated and the Church was victorious against all traps.
Through you families and individuals have been set free and protected from the greatest dangers
Gant Oh Mary, that my faith in you may always be strong,
So that through any trial, I may experience that you truly are
Relief for the poor, defence for the oppressed, health for the sick,
Consolation for the afflicted, shelter for sinners, perseverance for the righteous


Thanks a million for the wonderful days we spent with all of you. The group from Turkey went back to Istanbul truly transfigured! They were so happy to have the chance to take part in the Congress! It represented a great opportunity to get to know our family's Marian and Salesian spirit, (Andres Calleja SDB - Director from Istanbul).

We give thanks to God and to Mary Help of Christians after reaching home full of joy. The Congress was a success, and I am sure we have all received many spiritual graces from Jesus and Mary. Thank you so much for your invitation in taking part in the Congress. It was a special experience we will never forget…United in prayer (Mother Eugenia, London)

Once again thank you for the wonderful experience. It has enabled me to grow spiritually in a way I will cherish day after day (Dino Zambiasi - ADMA Nave -Italy).

I congratulate you for the outcome of the Congress: it was truly a great Congress, in which the Salesian Family gave testimony and received ADMA' s mission; where young people gave ADMA a new image, were the living side by side of members from 50 countries clearly made the Salesian enthusiasm transpire, where Mary Help of Christians and Don Bosco were shiny stars, who attracted and generated love and joy, where our Superiors gave 100%, where the preparation and the Congress itself were very well taken care of, both from the material and cultural point of view… (Fr Eleuterio Lobato - ADMA' s promoter of Spiritual Activities from Spain).

Even though I was not present, as I had to necessarily be in Portugal, I followed the Congress with interest and prayers. With you I give thanks to the Lord and to Our Lady for the many gifts we received. Dear participants and dear sisters, our Mother's echoes are beautiful! I am sure that there are many fruits still to come… (Sr. Ma. Luisa Miranda L. FMA - Counsellor for the Salesian Family).

I was truly touched by Mother Yvonne, who gave her testimony after the girl from the group of Polish pilgrims. I was moved by her embrace to that girl: so maternal! At that moment, to me she personified Mary's maternity to us! During the Congress I felt very close to all the people I met and I consider them my brothers, when I looked at the way they looked at each other and the way they embraced each other. This is because we are connected by our Mother's Love. I was very impressed to see the devotion of the pilgrims, of elderly people, of young people and families. It is beautiful and consoling to know that we are not alone, that every 24th of the month, many people throughout the world gather around Mary. We are not just part of our parish youth club or our group…there are people out there who share our own faith (Serena - Youth ADMA Turin)).
As a Salesian Family we must entrust ourselves to Jesus. This is the fundamental message from the Congress: total entrustment to Mary; in the past few days this is what we've been saying: we all belong to God! (Edoardo - Youth ADMA Turin).



On Sunday 22nd May 2011 we celebrated the feast of Mary Help of Christians at the Parish of St Thomas Moore in London. 14 priests celebrated the Eucharist, which was presided by the new Salesian inspector in England, Fr Martin Coyle. Over 200 people were present, as well as 3 candidates, (Obanye Veronica, Ryan Phyllis and Woronyj Betty), who were welcomed into the Association. The Mass was followed by the procession with the statue of Mary Help of Christians from the parish church to the convent of the Ursuline sisters from Malta (Mother Eugenia Pantallaresco).


September 2009 marked the beginning of a 2 year period of training for some faithfuls from the Parish of Saint Domenico Savio in Lecce, who wished to get to know more about the Association of Mary Help of Christians. In the area around Lecce where the Salesians worked, and where the only Basilica named after Domenico Savio can be found, there was no group in charge of teaching Marian spirituality, which is typical of Salesians. Right from the start, about 20 aspiring members showed their joy in feeling personally called by Mary Help of Christians to share with other groups of the Salesian Family their mission among young people. Their training involved the use of the teaching aids ADMA's notebooks. Their training was greatly enriched by the climate of spirituality which centred around the preparations for the Marian Congress of Czestochowa. On the 24th May 2011, during the evening celebration of the Eucharist, which was presided by the director and parish priest Fr Emidio Laterza and by the Salesian Family's delegate for Puglia Fr Tommaso De Mitri, new members were officially welcomed and the new ADMA group was officially set up. The Basilica was packed with people from the parish church, and welcomed the occasion as a sign of hope and encouragement to face the missionary challenge and the renewed commitment towards young people, begun by the church's pastoral (Fr Tommaso De Mitri, ADMA's Promoter of Spiritual Activities at the local and regional level).


If I think about the feasts dedicated to Mary Help of Christians celebrated around the world, I see the feast of Mary Help of Christians celebrated in Turin-Valdocco as a mirror of gratitude and faith, which is celebrated with a special intensity by all members of the Salesian Family. It was with great joy that I shared this experience of brotherhood and a sense of belonging with other members of the Primary ADMA. In particular, I took part in a meeting with some of ADMA's young families, guided by Fr Roberto Carelli, Tullio and Simonetta, and I perceived the great importance of the participation of young people. ADMA' s meeting in preparation for the feast, just as the prayer vigil, the midnight Mass, gave me the chance to reflect on my daily spiritual growth, the soul's purification and prayer. When I look at all the people who reach the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, I see the same joy in them! I witnessed the faith of those who attended the Mass presided by Fr Pascual and the evening procession. I am so glad and committed to feeling more like a child of "the One who did everything", I thank all her instruments, brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank wholeheartedly Jesus who gave us so much!
(Leda Souza - Brazil - ADMAonline's translator from Portuguese).


On Saturday the 4th of June 2011, a meeting attended by around 100 ADMA members out of the over 600 which make up Bogotà' s Saleisan Inspectorate took place. The occasion arose out of the presence of the world promoter of spiritual activities, Fr Pierluigi Cameroni. The inspectorial President, Mrs Maria del Pilar Lucas and the promoter of spiritual activities Fr
Luis Mur introduced the activities for the over 40 groups. Fr Cameroni illustrated the commentary to the Rule of the Association, of which a Spanish edition has been published. An intense exchange of suggestions, clarifications and experiences followed. This meeting devoted to training and communion was characterised by joy on everyone's part. It helped to renew our sense of belonging and our commitment to ADMA, under Mary Help of Christian's protection.


On Saturday 11th June 2011, over 100 people belonging to the ADMA groups in Barcellona-Sarriá, Barcellona-Rocafort y Badalona, went on a pilgrimage to Monserrat, to thank the Patron of Catalonia for the graces received during the year 2010-2011. During the Mass at the convent with the monks, the President Mercé Brotons handed over a bunch of pink and blue flowers (the colours of Mary Help of Christians), as a gift. A picture was then taken in front of Don Bosco' s picture, which is placed in the square in the mountain, to commemorate Don Bosco' s visit to the young people of Barcelona in 1886. Lunch and the funny place cards ended this unforgettable day on a joyful note. (Fr Joan Faner, Inspectorial Promoter of Spiritual Activities).


On Sunday 12th June 2011, on the feast of Pentecost, a big meeting of the ADMA groups from Piedmont and Lombardy took place at the centre of the Shalom rehabilitation centre in Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS). Over 300 members from ADMA in Piedmont, Nave (BS), Arese (MI), and the members of the Youth ADMA from the rehabilitation centre took part. The latter shared their life experiences and entertained us for the whole day. Of great significance were the words of the founder, Sister Rosalina Ravasio, who reminded us of the urgency of going back to the concept of sacrifice and of the hard work involved in education, linking this to the mystery of Pentecost: the Spirit is the fruit of redemption, and was given to us through Jesus' wounds. Moments of conviviality were accompanied by adoration and the Eucharistic celebration, as well as a powerful invocation of the Spirit for the healing and renewal of families. The joy of this experience aimed to be a preparation to the International Congress in Czestochowa.


On the 23rd June 2011, we continued with our training program: studying the Rule, the themes from the Congress prepared by Fr Roberto Carelli, which have been translated and distributed to members in order to deepen Mary's role in our lives. The monthly messages by Fr Pierluigi Cameroni on ADMA online. We celebrate Marian feasts filled with love, and we look up to her in order to become like Her, messengers of hope to young people and to our families. On the 24th May 2011, 9 members joined ADMA during the liturgical celebration presided by the national promoter of spiritual activities, Fr Tone Ciglar, SDB in the cathedral of Murska Sobota. The liturgical celebration was followed by the fraternal agape . Currently, the number of ADMA members in Murska Sabota has gone up to 128
(Sr. Bernarda Geric, FMA, promoter of spiritual activities).


Sunday the 17th July 2011 was a day of joy and celebration in the Salesian Inspectorate in Japan: the Association of Mary Help of Christians, which hadn't had new members for many years, saw 17 people making their solemn promise. This is a sign of hope for the Salesians in Japan. The ceremony was simple but lively, and took place in the chapel of the inspectorial home. Two aspiring members were present, as well as the group's assistants, the Salesian Fr Mario Yamanouchi, (inspectorial vicar), and sr. Teresina Matsumoto, of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, who have been accompaning the group for over a year, through monthly meetings characterised by constant care and attention. The service was presided by the Inspector, Fr Aldo Cipriani, who from the beginning of his mandate in 2009, has been inviting his brothers and other members of the Salesian Family to encourage ADMA's spirituality, in order for the Association to grow in Japan. Groups belonging to the Association have been present in Japan since the arrival of the first missionaries, at the time of Monsignor Cimatti. To mark this occasion, Fr Pascual Chávez, (Senior Rector) sent a message of congratulations, in which he recalled that the setting up of the first group in Japan "is an extraordinary event which concerns the whole Association of Mary Help of Christians around the world, and represents a great sign of hope. This is because the devotion to Mary Help of Christians promoted by our founding father Don Bosco and vital characteristic of our spirituality, has found in the Association one of its most significant expressions." Out of the 17 new members, together with the promoter Fr Yamanouchi, 4 took part in ADMA' s VI International Congress from the 3rd to the 6th August in Czestochowa, Poland. "Our hope - said Fr Yamanouchi - is that this group may be the first of many, which in the future will grow around the Salesians in Japan."


This year, under the guidance of the promoter of spiritual activities Fr Edoard Cutuli and Sister Carmelina Cappello, ADMA's regional council began its spiritual exercises, which took place at the Shrine of Our Lady of Gibilmanna, from the 8th to the 10th July 2011. The theme: "Mary Mother of hope and guide for the Salesian Family on its journey towards holiness" was devided into three parts. "Do as he tells you", "Mary mother of hope", "Mary, role model for holiness". The centres of Canicattì, Calatabiano, Capaci, Catania Maria Ausiliatrice, Lercara Friddi, Marsala, Messina SS. Pietro and Paolo, Modica, Palermo took part, as well as a group of supporters from Syracuse. Fr Mario Gullo, priest from the diocesis of Acireale guided us along this journey. (Nerina Petitto)


On the occasion of this meeting, which was attended by 270 people from the various communities of the Constituency, President Mr Lucca Tullio, his wife Simonetta and Fr Pierluigi introduced ADMA, putting special emphasis on young families and to the Congress. Several Salesians expressed their wish to set up ADMA in their own area.

We warmly invite all the groups of Spanish language, particularly those of America, to make known and spread the Review of Mary Help of Christians in the Spanish Edition.

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