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In every one's life, like in the history of the Church, there are times of trials, "the hour of darkness", the moment in which Satan attacks us in order to knock us down and defeat us. This should neither surprise nor discourage us: it was the same for Jesus Christ, our Head, and it is the same for us, who are his body's limbs. During his Passion, (particularly in the garden of Ghetsemane's garden), Jesus shows us how we should be strong in prayer, especially when we experience trials. The garden of Ghetsemane was the ultimate proof, the hour of darkness, the hour of "Judah", the hour of attack on the part of the forces of evil.

We too are invited to be strong in prayer, in order not to succumb during the times of trials. During the hour of darkness, in which Satan tries to toss us about like leaves in the wind, to scare us and trick us, under the guidance of Mary and following her example we can live our Christian vocation in joy and humility. Why in joy? Because God loves us, because we belong to Him, even in our weakness. By giving testimony in humility and joy, we can touch people's hearts and open them to God.

At this moment of persistent attack on the Church, to the Holy Father, at a time of purification and tribulation, guided by Mary Help of Christians, "great and illustrious protector of the Church…as terrible as a lined up army ready for battle", we remain steadfast in our faith, in prayer, in humility and joy, and we give testimony to all, sure that Jesus and Mary are with us.

Holy Mary, who was the first silent witness of the resurrection, supports us and strengthens us in our faith and love for Jesus Christ, so that we may give testimony to Him with strength and announce Him with joy. With her silent and maternal presence, today Mary allows the Gospel of life to echo in the Church and in humanity as a whole: we announce Jesus's death with courage and we proclaim with strength His resurrection, as we wait full of hope for His coming in glory.

As a matter of fact, today at the present moment, Jesus Christ is for all believers that divine, eternal Life which will never die. In a believer this life is of the same nature as the Risen Christ, and therefore very different from the human condition in which we find ourselves. It is this extraordinary Life, which already exists within us, and which will manifest itself on the last day, when we will take part with all our being in the future resurrection.

"Blessed are you Mary, silent witness of Easter! You, Mother of the Risen crucified, who during the time of suffering and death kept the flame of hope burning, teach us to be,( among the contradictions of the time which goes by), persuasive and joyful witnesses of the eternal message of love and life brought into the world by the Risen Saviour" (John Paul II - Holy Easter 2004).

                                                                        Fr Pier Luigi Cameroni, Spiritual Animator


We invite all ADMA groups and members of the world to exploit Mary Help of Christians' Novena (15-23d of May) according to the traditional formula suggested by Don Bosco and to add some special intentions: for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for the holiness of the priesthood and for the Salesian Family. We would also like to recommend the following act of veneration by Pope Benedict XVI as a text to be used for meditation and prayer.


Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the heart of Christian cities, Mary is a sweet and reassuring presence. In her discreet style, she gives everyone peace and hope, both in the happy and sad moments of life. In churches, chapels or on the walls of buildings there is a painting, mosaic or a statue as a reminder of the presence of the Mother, constantly watching over her children. Here too in Piazza di Spagna, Mary is placed high up as though on guard over Rome.
What does Mary tell the city? Of what does her presence remind us? It reminds us that "where sin increased, grace abounded all the more (Rom 5: 20), as the Apostle Paul wrote. She is the Immaculate Mother who tells people in our day too: Do not be afraid, Jesus has defeated evil, he has uprooted it, delivering us from its rule.
How great is our need of this good news! Every day, in fact, in the newspapers, on television and on the radio bad news is broadcast, repeated, amplified, so that we become used to the most terrible things and inured to them, and in a certain way poisoned, since the negative effect is never completely eliminated but accumulates day after day. The heart hardens and thoughts grow gloomy. For this reason, the city needs Mary whose presence speaks of God, reminds us of the victory of Grace over sin and leads us to hope, even in the most difficult human situations.
In the city invisible people live or survive who every now and then hit the front page headlines or television news and are exploited to the very last, as long as the news and images are newsworthy. This is a perverse mechanism which unfortunately few are able to resist. The city first hides them and then exposes them to public scrutiny, pitilessly or with false pity. Instead, there is in every person the desire to be accepted as a person and considered a sacred reality, for every human history is a sacred history and demands the utmost respect.
The city, dear brothers and sisters, is all of us! Each one of us contributes with his life to its moral atmosphere, for better or for worse. The border between good and evil runs through every heart and none of us should feel entitled to judge others. Rather, each one must feel duty bound to improve him or herself. The mass media always tends to make us feel like "spectators", as if evil concerned only others and certain things could never happen to us. Instead, we are all "actors" and, for better or for worse, our behaviour has an influence on others.
We often complain of the pollution of the atmosphere that in some parts of the city is unbreathable. It is true. Everyone must do his or her part to make the city a cleaner place. Yet, there is another kind of contamination, less perceptible to the senses, but equally dangerous. It is the pollution of the spirit; it makes us smile less, makes our faces gloomier, less likely to greet each other or look each other in the eye.... The city has many faces but unfortunately collective dynamics can make us lose our in-depth perception of them. We perceive everything superficially. People become bodies and these bodies lose their soul, they become things, faceless objects that can be exchanged and consumed.
Mary Immaculate helps us to rediscover and defend what lies within people, for in her is a perfect transparency of the soul in the body. She is purity in person, in the sense that spirit, soul and body are fully consistent with one another and with God's will. Our Lady teaches us to be open to God's action and to see others as he sees them: starting with the heart. And to look at them with compassion, with love, with infinite tenderness, especially those who are lonely, despised, or exploited. "Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more".
I want to pay homage publicly to all those who in silence, not with words but with deeds, strive to practice this evangelical law of love that propels the world forward. There are so many of them even here in Rome and they rarely hit the headlines. They are men and women of all ages, who have realized that it is not worth condemning, complaining or accusing; that it is better to respond to evil by doing good. This changes things; or rather it changes people, and hence improves society.
Dear Roman friends, and all of you who live in this city! While we are busy in our daily routine, let us listen to Mary's voice. Let us hear her silent but pressing appeal. She tells each one of us that wherever sin increases, grace may abound all the more, starting in your our own heart and in your life! And the city will be more beautiful, more Christian and more human.
Thank you, Holy Mother, for your message of hope. Thank you for your silent but eloquent presence in the heart of our city. Immaculate Virgin, Salus Populi Romani, pray for us!


General: So that the sad and cruel trade of human beings which unfortunately concerns millions of women and children may end
Missionary: So that the priesthood, members of religious orders (male and female) and the laity committed to apostolate, may communicate their missionary enthusiasm to the communities entrusted to their care.
Of the bishops: So that children receiving their First Communion may begin a relationship of friendship and union with Jesus and with the help of the Christian community, may develop this relationship throughout their life.
Marian: So that united to Mary we may invoke the Holy Spirit over the Church, who is working towards the goal of a supportive and reconciled humanity.


       Don Rua renovates and embellishes the shrine of Mary Help of Christians

In 1888 Don Rua became Don Bosco's successor and was a living copy of Don Bosco until he died. First of all he completed Don Bosco's work which had begun with the building of the shrine of Mary Help of Christians. Don Rua restored it, embellished it and decorated it. In a circular letter of the 21st of November 1891, during the Jubilee of the Salesian Works (1941-1821) he wrote the following:
"For us Salesians who are Don Bosco's children, this is a special time : as you well know, the solemn feast of Mary Help of Christians this year marked the 50th anniversary of the priestly ordination of our dear Father. The Jubilee of the Salesian Works will take place during the feast of the Immaculate Conception. A combination of circumstances did not allow us to celebrate such anniversary as we would have liked to, so it is now our duty do turn the next anniversary of such Jubilee into a solemn celebration. This will take place at a perfect time as it will coincide with the inauguration of the decorating of the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, which took place in memory of our Founder, and at the same time as an act of gratitude towards Mary Help of Christians, and the fulfilment of a promise for a favour accorded by our Celestial patroness. You will remember how, at the time of Don Bosco's death, we were very anxious to be able to keep his body in this parish youth club, or at least in one of our homes in Turin, and you will be aware of the numerous problems we had at this time. It was at that time that by mutual consent, we promised the Virgin Mary Help of Christians we would restore and decorate her Shrine, if she could grant our great wish, which she did, with great joy of all the Pious Association, as we were able to keep Don Bosco's body in our Missions' Seminary in Valsalice. It was therefore our duty to proceed with such operation as quickly as possible, as Don Bosco had also expressed the same wish for many years. In December of that same year, the restoration work began and ended after three years of expenses, hard work and delays. For this we thank our Lord with our whole hearts, and we commit ourselves to honour our Celestial Mother in the best way possible as she, as you could read from our Salesian Gazette, has been protecting us in a very obvious way, as we could see during the renovation works. When the consecration of this Church took place on the 9th of June 1868, all our brothers and students were present, but we would have wished at least all borders could have been present. Unfortunately at that time, apart from San Francesco di Sales's youth club, the boarding schools of Mirabello and Lanzo were also under our care, so this was not possible. On the other hand, we have so many boarding schools, parish youth clubs, schools not only belonging to the Salesians but also to the Daughters of Mary help of Christians, and they are spread all over Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, England, America, Asia, Africa, that it would be even more difficult for all of them to get here! While we are aware of the impossibility of such wish coming true, we must give credit to Devine Providence, which granted us so many favours, and to the very clear protection of Mary Help of Christians. Such practical difficulties however should not prevent us from uniting in spirit, in order to thank with our whole hearts His Devine Majesty, and to praise our Celestial Protectress. And this is what we intend to do with this letter." (Letters by Don Michele Rua to the Salesians, Turin 1965, page 71-73).



On Tuesday the 16th of March 2010, at the Inspectorate's premises in Cracow a first meeting took place in preparation of the VI International Congress of Mary Help of Christians, which will take place in Czestochowa in August of 2011. The meeting was presided by Cracow's Salesian Inspector Fr Marek Chrzan, who together with the other brothers in the inspectorate's home gave us a generous and fraternal welcome. Representatives from each SDB and FMA Inspectorate of Poland were present: Sr. Bernadetta Rusin (FMA PLA) - Sr. Janina Stankiewicz (FMA PLJ) - Fr Henryk Bonkowski (SDB PLE) - Fr Janusz Kaminski (SDB PLO) - Fr Janusz Zdolski (SDB PLN) - Fr Boguslaw Zawada (PLS). Together with the promoter Fr Pierluigi Cameroni, Fr Sergio Pellini, ICP Deputy and Delegate for the Salesian Family was also present. Fr Pierluigi introduced to all present the Association of Mary Help of Christians (its history, spirit and organisation), in order to provide the context for the initiative of the Congress. Such presentation was welcomed and allowed all participants to get to know this group of the Salesian Family. An interesting moment of sharing followed. The second part was devoted to the definition of the start of the organisation of the congress, on the basis of a booklet prepared by the Primary ADMA. In particular the urgency to define logistic needs and to rapidly provide specific information for those wishing to take part was addressed. In conclusion, it was decided to include other members of the Salesian Family in the coordination of such activities, and the first meeting was set for the end of the month of May. This path of preparation is marked by the Congress's theme: Totus tuus. Such entrustment to Mary is marked by the grace of mercy: through Mary we experience the strength of the merciful love of God. All this conforms to the great message of Devine Mercy, which precisely through the mission of Saint Faustina Kowalska and the ministry of Pope John Paul II has spread throughout the whole world.


From the 19th to the 21st of March 2010, the religious exercises of our Association took place at the Home of Our Lady dei Laghi of Avigliana (Turin) which were attended by about 30 members coming from Turin, Mornese, Piossasco. We thank our Lord and Mary Help of Christians for these days filled with grace! The theme of the exercises was (in conformity with the Christmas book of this year ) :"Announcing Christ to the youth". Two biblical icons accompanied our reflections and sharing during these time: the one of the disciples of Emmaus through the contemplation and prayer of the painting by Mario Bogani, where the evangelist Luke shows us what facilitated our "meeting with Jesus Christ". A passion for an authentic mission of evangelisation (addressing the youth of our time in particular), can only arise from people, communities and groups who share the experience of the Risen Christ. The second icon was the picture of the artist-priest Sieger Koeder, representing the merciful Father, chosen by the Senior Rector as a metaphor for the Christmas book of 2010: it presents Don Bosco as a teacher and evangeliser, who puts at the centre of his message and his work, being a sign of the merciful and fatherly love of God, who wants the salvation of his children and the reconciliation of the community of believers. The Gospel's message of mercy today is especially felt in families where there are tragedies of division, loss of the faith, educational emergencies. The path of prayer, reflection and sharing meant that all present could experience the joy of walking and growing together, with the presence of Jesus among us and under the eyes and protection of Mary Help of Christians. A special moment of joy was the meeting of the ADMA youth from Avigliana, led by Fantino Enrico and Michela. We invite every ADMA group to pay special care to the annual program of Religious Exercises, as a powerful moment of renewal, invocations to the Holy Spirit, silence and listening, during which Mary assures us of her special help.


On the evening of the 13th of March 2010, during the Eucharistic celebration at the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Jaboatão, the new Council of the ADMA group from the parish youth club of Jaboatão was set up. The Eucharistic celebration was presided by the parish priest, Fr James de Lucena and many members of the ADMA group from Jaboatão Cologne were present. The Council was introduced to the community and encouraged all to spread the devotion to Mary Help of Christians. Such Council will have the task to work with the group for the next 4 years. The elections for the choice of the new Council took place during the meeting of the 7th of February 2010 and were co-ordinated by Fr James de Lucena. The new Council is set up in the following way: President: Maria Lucila da Silveira Silva; Vice-President: Maria José dos Santos; Treasurer: Ester de Alcântara Sobrinho; Secretary: Ana Inês Martins Lemos; Counsellors: Alda Lúcia Marinho de Barros, Lídia Case de Lima, Maria José da Silva Neta Melo (Santa), Maria José Dias dos Santos (Zezé). May the Virgin May Help of Christians be our teacher, guide and mother, like she was for Don Bosco.


We have received the news regarding the end of the mandate of ADMA's inspectorial promoter of spiritual activities for the inspectorate of Recife, Mons. Edvaldo Do Amaral and the appointment of his successor, Fr Antenore de Andrade Silva, Delegate for the Salesian Family. The President, Mr Tullio Lucca, and the Primary ADMA Council of Turin express their thanks to Mons. Edvaldo on behalf of the whole Association for his commitment and devotion with which he performed his role as ADMA' s promoter. We had the joy to meet him during our trip to Brazil in the summer of 2008, during the Congress of Mary Help of Christians for the North East in Fortaleza. We rejoice in the knowledge that he will continue to be one of the organisers of the group in Recife , which is linked to the Shrine of the Sacred Heart. May Mary Help of Christians bless both Mons. Edvaldo and Fr Antenore.


"Thanks for the new ADMAonline of March 2010. It is very useful for us and unites us to the world movement of devotion to Mary Help of Christians. I would like to share with you some news which, although simple is important for us: the restoration and placing of our traditional picture at the entrance of the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians.


A moving act of placing the restored statue back in the shrine in Barcelona. Over a hundred people, mostly belonging to the ADMA, met on the 24th of March at 7.30 in the evening in front of the restored image of Mary Help of Christians. The statue was restored and repainted by the prestigious talleres "Chroma" from Barcelona, after 44 years of presence in her niche. On the 24th, the feast of the Commemoration of Mary Help of Christians and the eve of the feast of the Annunciation, the precious statue was place at the entrance of the Shrine, where she will give her maternal welcome to all people who will come and greet her. It will no longer be necessary to climb the 20 steps which used to bring people to her niche. The ceremony began with singing of the hymn of the National ADMA Congress of Mary help of Christians and continued with some moving words from the Rector, Fr Faner Joan, inspectorial promoter for the ADMA and of the ADMA president Mercè Brotons. A floral homage followed, the singing of three Hail Marys, the censing of the picture and the recitation of poems, ending with the Salve Regina, sang by all present. From now onwards Mary Help of Christians will be responsible for opening the shrine's door to her numerous devotees in the area of San Antonio in Barcelona". (Joan Faner, Inspectorial ADMA's promoter).


Last January the Salesians in Argentina experienced some changes with the setting up of two new Inspectorates, as opposed to the previous five. The North Argentina Inspectorate, with its head office in Cordoba, has a new Inspector: P. Cayo, Manuel, as a Deputy and Delegate for the Salesian Family Fr Bossio Carlos, as Promoter of Spiritual Activities for ADMA Fr Aldo Tobares. We wish to thank both the Inspectorate's Delegate for the Salesian Family and the Inspectorate's Promoter for ADMA for their collaboration and their wish to grow together, as Fr Aldo explained in his letter.
"In the near future, on the 16th, 17th and 18th of April the annual meeting of the ADMA Presidents will take place. Many have confirmed their presence. During the meeting we will collect the data which has been requested. After all, there are many ADMA centres which are not organised, which used florish, while now it is necessary to bring all members together. This is a task to which I will devote the months of June and July. We have introduced the Training Path, in the form of a pamphlet. This year we will gladly distribute it to all members in the form of a manual. Guidelines are also present. I congratulate those responsible for this initiative which will bring cohesion and unity among all groups. It is essential to increase the awareness that we belong to a Public Association of believers, in the Salesian Family and among the laity. Happy Easter of resurrection! May the Virgin help you and protect you." (Fr Aldo Tobares ADMA Promoter ARN).


On the 23d of March the new local ADMA Council was elected: President: Žökš Mihaela, Vice president: Gomboc Janko, Treasurer: Jeneš Emilija, Secretary : Šcap Marija, Councillors: Mitov Veronika, Palic Regina, Mitov Stojan, Kegl Franc; Promoter of Spiritual Activities: Sr. Geric Bernarda FMA. We wish you all the best along your journey under the protection of Mary Help of Christians!

We warmly invite all the groups of Spanish language, particularly those of America, to make known and spread the Review of Mary Help of Christians in the Spanish Edition.

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