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"I come simply with one intention, a hope : to pray for the precious gift of unity and peace, and especially for the Middle East. Peace for the individuals, for parents and their sons, for the community, for Jerusalem, for the Holy land, peace for the region, peace for the entire human family; the lasting peace of justice, integrity, and compassion, peace that arises from humility, forgiveness and the profound desire to live in human harmony as well.

Prayer is hope in action. And in fact true reason is contained in prayer: we come into loving contact with the one God, the universal creator, and in so doing we come to realize the futility of human divisions and the prejudices and we sense the wondrous possibilities that open up when our hearts are converted to God's truth, to his design for each of us and our world." (from the speech of the Holy Father at the Center "Regina Pacis" of Amman on May 8, 2009).
Mary helps us to realize this invitation of the Holy Father, while praying and being at the same time witnesses of peace in our families, but also in the whole world. The fact is that this uneasiness is present in the world in various manners. Since we are aware of this, we cannot be indifferent, but we must make use of the best means to create peace. We Christians are called to announce and witness peace with our own life.

Peace cannot be achieved once for all and once forever but we must strive to build it always because peace is the greatest aspiration from the depths of our human hearts. How many time we have lost our peace because we were proud, selfish, envious, jealous, longing, dependant from power and honour. How many times we allow ourselves to be prisoners of sin, to be dependant from it, to become prey of it in such a way that it removes from us the possibility of the right choice, becoming in such a way prisoners of the shadows of evil. We win over evil with prayer and fasting, we win over pride and egoism, our heart opens up and love, humility, generosity and goodness increase; and with this we realize the right conditions for peace.

The one who owns peace, loves and forgives, he remains bodily and spiritually sound and able to manage his life in the proper way suited to man, the highest creature of God.

But the peace to which Mary wants to lead us to is that of her Son and our Lord JESUS CHRIST: He is the real King of peace. He is the one who dispels the scariest shadows. We can be reconciled with God through the death of our Messiah: and it is in this way that peace reaches us.

The Lord says: "I give you peace, I give you my peace. Not in the way the world gives it, I give it to you." (John 14,27). It is only through faith in our Lord Jesus that we can discover the true rest of our spirit, the true peace. He does it in such a way that we can replace:

 Love instead of hatred,
harmony instead of quarrelling,
integrity instead of disunity,
light instead of darkness,
hope instead of despair,
faith instead of doubt,
 rest instead of restlessness,
good will instead of non sense at all,
familiarity instead of not belonging,
fullness instead of emptiness,
victory instead of failure,
Life instead of death.

                                                                                                    Fr. Pierluigi Cameroni, Spiritual Animator



  Litanies to the Virgin used by Don Bosco
Queen seated at the right of your Divine Son,
Dressed in gold and shining for beauty
Help of Christians
Helper of the human race
Ark of Noah
Bush of Moses
Tower of David
Untouched spring
Water carrier of blessings
Star of Jacob
Iris of peace
Dawn carrier of consolation
First born of all creatures
Help and aid
Helper of men

Full of grace
Universal Mother of Christians,Mother of the Church
Tree of life
ladder of Jacob
Ark of alliance
Rose of Jerico
Garden of Solomon
Fleece of Gedeon
As beautiful as the moon and as shining as the sun
Pupil of God's eyes
Virgin and Mother, mother of your Lord
The best protectress from all evils
Help and aid for defending the Christians
Mother of the Eternal Word
Guide and teacher of virtues

Let us renew our promise to belong and to work in the ADMA Association

* While promoting the devotion to Mary Help of Christians and the cult and adoration to Jesus in the Eucharist.
" Inspiring our behaviour spiritual in nature to Mary, so that our life, as She did, may become a cult to God and her devotion may turn out to be a commitment in our life.
" As She is, Virgin always listening, may we listen to the Word of God, announcing it and spreading it with our witnessing and our word.
" As she is, Praying Virgin, feeding our life with the simple prayer, affectionate and grateful and inspired by her intercession to the Father
" As she is, Virgin Mother, working near the Pope and the Shepherds of the Church for the growth of the people of God
" As she is, offering Virgin, making of our life an offering to God, while accomplishing joyously the will of the Father.

Only those who believe in the infinite power of the Auxilium Christianorum will be able to put themselves under her protection, nor only with the words pronounced on their lips, but as well with a self-giving act expressed with intimacy and power.
Those who are under the protection of Mary are well taken care of.
(Edith Stein -Saint Therese Benedict of the Cross)


In our meeting with the various groups of the Salesian Family in order to know how the different people live the presence of Mary, we instituted the WORLD CONFERENCE OF THE BOYS AND LADIES PAST PUPILS OF THE DAUGHTERS OF MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS EX -FMA (see www.exallievefma.org). MRS. CAROLINA FIORICA the lady president answers us.

1. How does Mary help you in the course of your Association?
Our Association, since it is promoted by the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, shares its mission and presents itself with the marian characteristics. Educated in a house where Mary Help of Christians is the real Superior and where we experience her walking in our midst we carry within us this peculiarity that accompanies us both in our educative choices as well in our every day life. To educate following the school of Mary is for us a constant trial.

2. How is Mary presented in your Rule of life?
We get the answer from or Constitutions under the heading Spirituality "(The Association) enriches itself with the charismatic elements of the style of life and action of Mary Mazzarello who, with a "feminine touch", has shared with Don Bosco the same educative project, inspired by Mary: "take care of…"; to live with simplicity and joy the daily life; to fill up the smallest gestures with God's experience, getting involved in the work testifying and promoting the culture of life and of solidarity".

3. What is the role of Mary Help of Christians in your life ?
As a mother and educator I try to live at the school of Mary. Listening to the Word and docility to the Spirit (Annunciation); the solidarity (Visit to Elisabeth); the respect of the laws (trip for the census); the sobriety (Stable of Betlehem); the caring for the others (Wedding at Cana);
The abandonment ( At the foot of the Cross), the spiritual getting together (with the Disciples in the Cenacle).

We warmly invite all the groups of Spanish language, particularly those of America, to make known and spread the Review of Mary Help of Christians in the Spanish Edition.

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ADMA Primaria Torino-Valdocco
April 25: Feast of the Salesian family. We have lived wonderful days during this period in Turin. Everything got origin from the idea of transforming the provincial Day into a Salesian Family Feast, celebrating with the Rector Major the 150° anniversary of the Congregation.

On this occasion the Rector Major blessed a new ( the second) casket of Don Bosco. The various groups of the Salesian Family prepared since the evening of April 24 their stands furnished with formative and propaganda materials locating them under the porticos of Valdocco. ADMA as well greatly contributed both in the preparation with the valid help of some young members, among which we feel grateful to Rosanna Marchisio and Paolo Lucca, and as well through a consistent participation of its members (50 people).

The numerous members of the Salesian Family coming from all over the Piedmont region and Valle d'Aosta, started coming from 9 o'clock in the morning of April 25. At 10 o'clock the entrance procession for the celebration of the Mass started. The Rector Major is the main celebrant and the songs are performed by the University Choir of Rome, under the care of Salesian Fr. Massimo Palombella. At the end of the celebration the new casket with the body of Don Bosco, with the relic of his right hand is brought forward before the presbytery.

The Rector Major explains then the reason why this second casket was made. Then this casket is brought in front of the statue of Don Bosco in the main playground. It is blessed, purified with the incense and leaves immediately for the Lazio region where it will stay for two months before leaving for Chile and Argentina, where it will stay stop for two years. The Rector Major then blessed in the Sacristy the new banner of ADMA Primaria of Torino Valdocco.

Our endeavour in establishing and animating the new groups of ADMA continues:

" On April 2, Fr. Pier Luigi met with Fr. Lucio Balbo Vice Rector of the salesian community of Verona Don Bosco, having in mind the idea to start a new ADMA Group. This initiative was encouraged by Mr. Luigi Sarchetti, a great devotee of Mary Help of Christians.
" On April 2 there was the opportunity to introduce to all the parish priests of the province of Milan ADMA Association upon the advice of the provincial Fr. Agostino Sosio and the in-charge of Youth Pastoral Fr. Elio Cesari.
" On May 8, at Sesto San Giovanni (Milano) at the Salesian Parish of Mary Help of Christians, upon the invitation of their Parish Priest Fr. Nunzio Casati, we gave testimony and presented the ADMA viewing the possibility of establishing a new local group.

ADMA Lombardia - Italy
Sunday April 26 in Treviglio (Bergamo)
3 young couples of ADMA (Conti Alessandro and Laura belonging to the group of Nave-Brescia, Caputo Luca and Christiana, Bordogna Eugenio and Elisabeth of the Milan group) have expressed their witnessing and presented ADMA to 500 youngsters of the Youth Salesian Movement of Lombardia-Emilia Romagna. The young participants got acquainted with a portion of this great family, through the stands that the different groups active in the province (SDB, FMA, Cooperators, Past Pupils, ADMA, VDB, CDB,…) introduced themselves together with the four institutions of their own of MSG (Emarginazione e disagio, Sports, Missioni, Servizio Civile Nazionale). The purpose of the meeting was to make the Salesian Family known and the fields of action of the young members, with the idea of creating new conditions that could help the new groups to join, in the moment of choice of their life, to the groups of the Salesian Family.

Mendoza - Argentina -
Month of Mary at the Shrine of Rodeo del Medio. Taking the occasion of the beginning g of the month of Mary Help of Christians, at the Shrine of Rodeo del Medio, Mendoza, took place the "Peregrinazione delle Capellitas". These portable altars are part of the responsibilities of ADMA in as much as the constitute a real mission "to bring the Virgin to the heart of the families". This year the Capellitas were 58 given to the lady missionaries who left after the Mass and the blessing. Besides this Shrine, dedicated to Mary Help of Christians, is celebrating the 100 years of its institution in this region at the feet of Ande mountains. The festivities for the centenary involve the whole Salesian work, in the different sectors of the parish, institute, and Facoltà di Enologia. They greet the pilgrims with the motto "100 years under your look and help". This April 24 took place a solemn mass presided over by Fr. Aldo Tobares, the Provincial Spiritual Animator. Fr. Dante Simon, Judiciary Vicar of the Archidiocese of Cordoba, Fr. Christian Basin, Parish priest and Fr. Jose y Victor Bocalo, parochial vicars, concelebrated. At the end of the celebration everybody had a brotherly friendly reunion.

VII National Congress of Mary Help of Christians of Spain
May 1-3 El Campello - Alicante

A solemn Eucharistic concelebration in the Cathedral of Alicante, presided by the Rector Major
Fr. Pascual Chavez, has been like a seal to the VII National Congress of Mary Help of Christians, sponsored by the Association of Mary Help of Christians that took place in this Alicante province, as well in the vicinity of El Campello. On the day of Sunday May 3, 420 participants that gathered from all over Spain, as well as Portugal, approved a series of operative lines that will see a further realization in their own provinces and local centres.

Among these: To witness the real values, as life and family, starting from don Bosco in order to look at the youth with him; to renew in the proper way the devotion to Mary Help of Christians; to stress the social commitment and the necessity of formation.

The Rector Major presided over the various moments that took place during the morning at the Salesian Institute "Alicante Don Bosco". In the familiar sharing offered to all the participating members Fr. Pascual Chavez underlined how the devotion to Mary Help of Christians is a charismatic element and essential part for all the members of the Salesian Family; reminded how ADMA belongs to the original groups founded by Don Bosco; at the end he presented the deep motivations of faith and apostolic endeavour that have to animate an authentic devotion to Mary Help of Christians. Then in the local Hall a moment of joy took place with different presentation by the various participating members and with a very significant presentation done by the Youth Centre of Alcoy.

A Congress that lasted 3 days witnessed the solemn opening on May 1 at the "Casa della Cultura" at the El Campello and the Eucharistic celebration presided over by the diocesan Bishop Mons. Rafael Palmero in the Salesian Parish. During the Congress three topics were presented:

Fr. Juan Josè Bartolomé, secretary of the Rector Major spoke about "A walk with a commitment to God: Mary of Nazareth", Fr. Eusebio Munoz, from the Salesian University of Rome dealt on " The faith of Don Bosco in Mary, a key to a spirituality calling for commitment", Fr. José Luis Moral, Salesian University professor in Rome: "Mary involves today the Salesian Family looking at the future". Groups of sharing took place as well. In the evening of Saturday May 2, the Salesian Bishop of Vitoria, Mons. Miguel Asurmendi presided over a solemn marian vigil at the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Alicante. Fr. José Miguel Nunez took part during these days.

He is the Councillor for West Europe. Present were also various Salesian Provincials and Superiors of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians from Spain, among which Fr. Juan Bosco Sancho, provincial of Valencia, and a representation of ADMA primaria of Turin with the Lady President Mrs. Giuseppina Chiosso and the animator Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni. A special token of appreciation must be given to Father Mario Pardos who organized and coordinated this event.

He is the Rector of the Salesian House in Saragoza. A great thank also to the animators from SDB and FMA of Spain coordinated by Fr. Eleuterio Lobato.

Intentions for the Apostolate of Prayer - June 2009

General : So that the international attention towards the poorest countries may arise a more concrete help, especially taking into consideration the heavy burden of the foreign debt.
Missionary: So that the Churches operating in those regions stricken by violence may be sustained by the love and concrete closeness of all Catholics of the world.
For Bishops: So that the Holy Spirit may render us courageous witnesses of hope, able to read the signs of the times and ready to get involved in the real projects of justice and human promotion.
Marian : So that the Christians may honour the Mother of Jesus, praying among the disciples at the place of Last Supper, " while listening to the word, sharing the bread and in brotherly union".



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