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Mary is the golden thread in God's will

The whole life of Jesus and Mary was aimed at fulfilling God's will. " In entering into the world, Christ says : You did not want neither sacrifice nor offering, instead you have prepared for me a human body. You did not appreciate neither victims nor sacrifices for the remission of sins. Then I said . Here, I come - as it is written in the roll of the sacred book - to accomplish your will". (Eb. 10, 5-7). The whole life of Jesus has been a continuous fulfilling of his will according to the Father's wish. Jesus is the obedient son, who listens to the Father and accomplishes His will.

Due to this obedience, that brought Him up to death, we have been redeemed and turned capable, as the Apostle says, to " offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and accepted to God; and this is your spiritual cult. Do not conform yourselves to the ideas of this century, but instead transform yourselves while renewing your minds, so that you will be capable of discerning God's will, what is good, appreciated by him and perfect in his form (Rom 12, 1-2).

Mary as well, lived her pilgrimage of faith in the light of those words spoken at the moment of the Annunciation: " Here I am, the servant of the lord, may be fulfilled what you have said about me" (Lk.1, 38). These words are the starting point of this divine adventure of Mary. The Angel has just revealed God's project suited for her: to be the mother of the Messiah. Before approving her yes She wanted to be sure that was really God's will, and once understood that this was what He wanted she did not hesitate to fully accept it.

From that moment on, Mary continued to completely trust herself to God's will, even in the most painful and tragic moments. Because She accomplished not hers but the will of God, because She trusted thoroughly what God was asking her. All generations call Her blessed (see Lk. 1, 48) and She fully realized herself up to the point of becoming the Woman par excellence.
We too, when we pronounce our "yes" to God, we give birth to the Word in us. " Who is my mother and who are my brothers?" Then stretching his hand towards his disciples He said. " See, here are my mother and my brothers; because the one who accomplishes the Father's will in heaven, this is for me a brother, a sister and a mother" (Mat. 12, 48-50). Our yes to God's will concretely signify to do good, entirely, every moment, the action that God's will be demanding from us. We have to be there in that work, putting aside all other activities, forgetting the thoughts, the desires, the remembrances, the actions that have other finalities. While facing every God's will whether painful, joyous, indifferent we must be able to repeat with Mary " May happen to me what you have said", or as Jesus taught us in the "Hour Father": " may your will be done".

God's will is a golden thread, a divine story that covers all our earthly life and goes beyond; it stretches from eternity to eternity. In the mind of God first, and on this life later on, and lastly in Heaven. But, in order to fully accomplish God's plan, God himself is asking our approval, in the same way He required it from Mary. The word that He has pronounced on us, will take shape only in this manner. The outcome of this journey will be the gradual and exiting discovery to see with the eyes of our soul a golden thread that binds together happenings and things and accomplishes a wonderful embroidery: the plan of God on each one of us. The peace of God will abide in our hearts and we will become witnesses of this peace, so much needed in the world today: a river of peace and of hope, that will overflow from our heart to all those we will be able to encounter on our path.

                                                                   Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni , Spiritual Animator

Let us pray Immaculate Mary and Mary Help of Christians


Oh, Virgin Immaculate, in this moment I would like to put under your protection especially the "small ones" of this city of ours: the children, mainly, and mostly those seriously sick, the street children and those who undergo difficult familiar settings. Watch over them and make them experience through the love and the help those who live besides them the warmth of the love of God!
Mary, I put under your protection, the elderly who are abandoned, the immigrants who find it hard to get involved in the new society, the family groups who find it hard to match their income, and the persons who do not find job, or those who have lost their job so much needed to go ahead.
Mary, teach us, to be in agreement with those who find it difficult to overcome the various social differences; help us to grow a more vivid sense of the common good, of the respect of what is public, to spur on us to feel the city as a property belonging to everybody. Help us to fulfil in us our task aiming at building a more righteous and friendly society.
Mary Immaculate , who are for all a sign of clear hope and consolation, allow us to be drawn by your immaculate innocence. Your Beauty - Tota Pulchra, we sing today - is for us an assurance that the victory of love is possible; the more, that is a reality; that gives us the knowledge that grace is stronger than sin, and therefore that it is possible to be redeemed from any kind of slavery.
Yes, Mary, you are helping us to believe with more trust in goodness, to bet on something that is given as a gift, on service, on the non-violence, on the strength of truth; you encourage us to stay awaken, not to fall into temptation of easy evasions, to face the reality, with all its problems, with courage and responsibility. This is the way you did, young woman, called to risk everything just on the Word of the Lord.
Be a loving mother for our youth, so that they may be able to be "the watchers of the morning", and donate this virtue to all Christians, so that they may turn to be the soul of the world in this not easy season of our history. Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother, Salus Populi Romani, pray for us !


General : So that the family may always be the place of source of charity, of personal growth and for the spreading of faith.
Missionary : So that the different Christian religions, aware of the necessity of a new evangelization in this period of deep changes, may put more endeavour in the announcing of the Good news and in tracing the path versus a full unity of all Christians, with the idea of offering a more credible witnessing to the Gospel.


We would like to present in the next issues of ADMAonline, in full Agreement with the 2009 strenna, the different groups of the Salesian Family, emphasizing the Marian dimension of their charisma. Let us start with the Salesians of don Bosco with some words addressed to the Rector Major,
Fr. Pascual Chavez.

1. How does Mary help us in the renewal path of our Congregation as stressed by GC26 ?

Mary helps us in the renewal movement of the Congregation as seen by the GC26, in the first instance because She is the real guide. This has always been the assertion of Don Bosco and of his Successors. In the second place, because the GC26 has a strong commitment to start again from Don Bosco, and this is possible as long as we make as our own the aspirations and convictions of our Father, of which Mary is a very important structure. In the third place, because the GC26 has to produce as a fruit the spiritual rebirth and the apostolic endeavour, at the base of which Our Lady is found, as it was for the primitive Church and as it happened for the Congregation.

2. What was the role of Mary Help of Christians in the history of your vocation?

In my personal life, Mary played a very important role mainly from the very first start of my arrival at the Salesian institute, and in a more precise way after my arrival at the aspirantate. In Mexico we have a very strong Marian identity due mainly to the great devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and on the other hand due to the first contact with the Salesians . The devotion to Mary, under the title of Help of Christians, started developing little by little till it became an essential element of my Salesian life

3. How can we bring the devotion to Mary in the difficult places of work and in the Family?

A great Pope as Pope Paul VI, from Brescia, used to say that an authentic Marian devotion must be based on the knowledge of the person of Mary and we are able to recognize it through the testimony that the Evangelists left of Her: they talked very little, but very well. She was a believing woman, this is the greatness of Mary.

In the second place: we should not only know Her, but we must also love her. To love because She gave us the blessed fruit of her womb, the most precious gift, since it is Jesus who saved us and therefore she is a woman that already takes part in the glory of Resurrection. She is alive. Therefore she is not like a mother whose photo we carry in our wallet, like a remembrance especially after her departure.

This is a Mother who is alive and continues to take part in our history. Don Bosco used to say to his boys: "Our Lady is walking in our courtyard". Mary was for Don Bosco a vivid experience. We must love her especially for this: She has donated to us Her son and She is alive. And She continue to lead our life. How does She help us ? To become every day more the sons of God and brothers to others, to be a "good neighbour" to the others.

The third thing is that we must try to imitate her in this quality of service to the others.
You have asked me, how can we witness the devotion of Mary in the family and in the place of work? Underlying before anything else the fact of being men and women of faith. When a woman listening to the eloquence with which Jesus was speaking, said "blessed the womb who carried you and the breast that fed you" what did Jesus answer?

He answered: "Blessed are those who listen to the Word of God and keep it". The greatness of Mary was not the physical maternity but her faith and this means that each one of us has to show himself as a man or a woman that believes and then a man or a woman that helps the others especially those mostly in need with great understanding.

It is not the question of words and speeches but it involves attitudes. In fact Mary, as soon as they tell her that her cousin Elisabeth is about to give birth to a son She leaves everything behind and She goes to be her maid. She becomes the mother of God while serving .What does Mary do at the wedding of Cana ? Instead of saying "I stay here to be served as a lady" She was instead very attentive to see the needs of that couple and tell them that the feast could not be spoiled because there was no wine. If we learn to be men and women who believe, men and women ready to serve, it is the best thing to live in a family and in the place of work with this Marian quality. It is easy, it is all.


Let us strive to turn the Salesian Family as a vast movement for the salvation of youth.

"The kingdom of God can be compare to a small seed of mustard, that a man gets and scatters in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but, once grown, it is the biggest of all and it becomes a tree, so much so that the birds of the sky come on it and make nests among its branches " (Mt 13, 31-32)

150 anniversary of the foundation of the Salesian Congregation. The Salesian Family yesterday and today. The seed has become a tree and the tree a wood.

Family chronicle


Monday Nov. 24. Upon the invitation of the Superior of the Special Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta region, Fr. Stefano Martoglio and of his Vicar Fr. Sergio Pellini, the spiritual animator Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni explained to the 40 Rectors the history, the spirit and the action of the Association.

In a very fraternal spirit the Rectors showed interest and attraction. Our speech can be read in the section "Archives". Similarly, Saturday December 13, upon the invitation of Provincial Sister Gabriella Scarpa and of Sister Marisa Canobbio, The ADMA Association was explained in Milan to the Superiors of the FMA Province Sacra Famiglia.

A special thank you is given to Mrs Tina Savignano, member of the ADMA Primaria council, who in her native village of Solofra (AV) promoted the traditional Feast at the youth center. During this occasion a solemn celebration was held with great Marian and Salesian fervour involving the whole Christian community.

ADMA Arese (MI) -
Saturday Nov. 22 the ADMA group of Arese (MI) celebrated a very special day in the Salesian house of Nave (Br). Mr. Francesco Passoni and the spiritual animator Fr. Mario Ronca, a Salesian, together with their president, decided to spend the whole day to learn more about the contents and the spirit of the Association and its Rules. Under the guidance of the animator Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni we have been helped to understand better the sense of belonging to the Association and to know the actual developments and lines of action. In the solemn Eucharistic celebration each member received the Constitution of the Association.

Of great significance were the meetings both for the young Salesians and of the Salesian community, who welcomed us with great brotherhood, both with the local ADMA group with whom we shared a moment of prayer and joy. As a result of the well planned visit and the joy of the participants is the fact that after the meeting four persons asked to be allowed to enter the Association, another sign that Our Lady never stops to help us and to astonish us.

The ADMA president MRS. Estela De Recio and the spiritual animator Fr. Aldo Tobares SDB, have sent to us a report on the ADMA life at the provincial level, related to the year 2008. It is a help to all our groups to take care of the provincial and national method of coordination regarding the Association.
Annual target: projection of the section of the whole Province, formation of the commissions and their renewal, revision of the data. Most of all we have to note that a promotional work regarding the feeling of belonging and the grouping system has been given attention in the places where the activities are held.

Yearly reunion of the presidents of the locals groups in the Salesian Work of San Juan . Due to some reasons some did not attend, nevertheless the encounter has allowed the possibility to clarify the presence of ADMA, especially regarding the importance in the province: the work in the different places is constant, often it overtakes the capability and the number of the associates. The absence of youth members in the Association places some worries. The animation of the councillors varies according to the duties involved. The same has to be said regarding the getting along with the formation of the different sections. As a conclusion, it was decided to ask , through different initiatives, the ADMA participation suggesting an ADMA for children, for young students. Regarding this proposal the rectors and Councillors were informed.

Visit to the local groups: the provincial animator Fr. Aldo Tobares met with ADMA Tucuman, taking the occasion of the renewal of the local Council.
Activity with the Salesian Family: meetings were held in Cordoba and in Cuyo. The participation of the ADMA members and the sharing of their different responsibilities was noticeable. Beside other activities took place. Pilgrimages, formation encounters, renewals of the promises to Mary and giving out of the medal, spreading of the calendar of Mary Help of Christians and ADMA Bulletin. The most studies themes on catechesis and formation were those reflecting the popular religiosity and the trust to Mary. As a particular sign of communion is the spreading of ADMAonline.

The encounter of the regional local chapters ADMA of East Sicily, were held in Taormina on Nov. 30 2008. A clear sunny day welcomed the participants ( about 200) and everything went on so smoothly. The ADMA Catania were present together with those of Calatabiano, Caltagirone, Taormina , Floridia, Pozzallo, Gela . The intervention of the various local presidents regarding the theme presented by Fr. Edoardo Cutuli (regional animator was interesting: how to develop ADMA groups and turn them into a significant biblical and Marian experience. Various interesting experiences and witnessing of Christian life emerged. To be a part of ADMA implies to live according to the model of Mary, to be humble and have the heart full of love for our neighbour. Mary watches over our steps, she is our support in time of difficulties, she encourages us when we encounter problems, she educates us how to love her Son.

The day experienced then an important moment when we got connected by phone with Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni, world animator. Sister Carmelina Cappello (Regional Animator) decided to call on him because we desired to feel his presence. The meeting ended up with the greetings both by Fr. Concetto Pennisi, as well by Luigina Ciaramella, Regional President. She wished a Happy and Holy Christmas hoping to see each other soon again. (Luigina Ciaramella - Regional President).

A new ADMA center: The ADMA of Jaboatao ha sent a group, accompanied by novices Rafael and Paulino, to the community of Gadalajara, in the Parish of Paudalho-Pe for the establishment of a new ADMA center in that community. It is worthy to notice that the parish has already Mary Help of Christians as Patroness and that they accepted very willingly and with interest and fervour the group from Jaboatao, well disposed to create a new ADMA group and to venerate in this way our Mother Mary Help of Christians. The Jaboatao group will help till when the group will be able to manage by itself. (Salesian novices Josè Rafael Ferreira, animator of ADMA- Colonia and Josè Paulino de Godoy animator of ADMA-Lote 56
In the month of November Fr. Eleuterio Lobato, Spain ADMA spiritual moderator, met with the Spanish Coneference (provincials from Spain and Portugal ) with the aim of showing to the Provincials of this region, the path of ADMA. We underline these features:

1. The formative work of the Association saw its development through the spreading of the duties assigned at the International Congress held in Mexico city (August 2007). The necessary helps needed for such an activity were prepared and taken into consideration with the means of communication of the Association.

2. The preparation of the VII National Congress of Mary help of Christians in Spain, that will take place in the month of May of 2009 in Alicante - El Campello. The topic of the Congress will be "Mary, a yes to God and to the man of today". It will be a happening of the Salesian Family under two aspects: the first because we really are in the year dedicated to the Salesian Family and the Congresses of Mary Help of Christians advertised by ADMA are aimed at all groups of the Salesian Family; second reason because the ADMA specific purpose regarding the Salesian Family is really to promote the Marian dimension of the Salesian charisma. A group of youth has been invited to participate!

3. Instruction to the delegates of Youth Pastoral group.

4. To value and potentiate the relationship with ADMA Primaria of Turin, in the person of the spiritual Animator Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni who took part to the gathering of the National Committee last June.

5. Yearly plan of formation: submission of the topics in view of the National Congress; proper use of the different ADMA Bulletins spread at the provincial level.

6. Notification on the life of the Association with some news of particular importance, among which the First Assembly of the ADMA groups of the province of Siviglia held last April 27 (3000 participants), the declaration as Minor Basilica of the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians de la Trinidad located in Seviglia. Under this perspective we understand the renewed appeal made to the different provincials to give more appropriate attention to the pastoral activity of our shrines, as places devoted to evangelization , to the renewal of faith and the propagation of the devotion to Mary Help of Christians. Another significant event was the crowning of the image of Mary Help of Christians in Cordoba . In addition we are preparing the Centenary of ADMA of the FMA located in S.Vincente in Siviglia that will take place next February 14.

7. Topics under study: updating of the archives and of the statistics; renewal of the local Councils, Meeting at the national level of the local delegates, a youth Congress of ADMA ? " Las capilla domiciliarias".

8. "Advices" to the Provincials: to animate, to support, to assist, to follow the journey of the Associations in their own provinces; to properly describe the duties of the Delegates-Animators both at the local as well provincial level; verify if the local Delegates feel encouraged by the Rectors of the institutes and if the lay collaborators are encouraged so that they participate to the ADMA Activities; Attention to the formation of ADMA Councils and of the Lay Lady collaborators.

We give our appreciation for the marvellous work done in Spain in favour of ADMA, a group that lives with enthusiasm the Salesian Spirit spreading the love to Mary Help of Christians ant to the Eucharist, that economically sustains the Salesian Missions, promote the social commitment, collaborate with the local church, practices charity, accomplishes his mission while living the Rules, gives support to the work of Salesian Family, prays for the vocations…

Spain - Leon Provincial
encounters of the Salesian Family. During the days on November 15 in Ourence and 22 in Leon the second edition of Provincial day of Spirituality of the Salesian Family took place. The idea was to go back to Don Bosco in order to start again from him and discover the paths to turn the Salesian family into " a huge movement of people devoted to the salvation of youth". The chosen topic was "Mary in Don Bosco and in the Salesian charisma". 75 people attended every meeting, representing the various Salesian Family groups.

The animator was Carlos Llata, from the Vitproa community, teacher at the Theology School of North Spain. The outcome was highly positive due to the hospitality of the different houses, to the marvellous involvement of the participants, longing to learn how to live, the ability of the preacher, the life together, the prayer. We find joy in learning that the Marian feeling is bursting in the Salesian Family ! (Fr. Martinez Eusebio - ADMA animator of the Province of Leon ).

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