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Mary helps us to live our time as a sign of grace

The presence and the help of Mary are for us a source of grace. It is important not to close ourselves to the love of God, to his gifts, not to follow our thoughts and plans, but we must open ourselves, through the help of Mary, to the great adventure of the love of God. "If we look at the history, we are bound to record quite often the indifference and rebellion of incoherent Christians. As a consequence, God while not forgetting his promise of salvation, often needed to use his punishment.

As a consequence it is natural to think about the first announcement of the Gospel, from which very flourishing Christian communities had their origins, communities that eventually disappeared and are remembered today only in history books. Can this happen as well in our time ? Nations rich with faith and vocations are forgetting nowadays their identity, under the destructive and bad influence of modern culture. There are those who, having decided that "God is dead", declare themselves "god", making themselves the makers of their own destiny, the sole owners of the world. While getting rid of God and without waiting for his salvation, man thinks to be able to do what he likes and to establish himself as the maker of his actions.

But when man gets rid of God from his own life, he declares God "dead", is he really happier? Does he become more free? When men proclaim themselves unique owners of themselves and sole proprietors of creation, can they really build a society where freedom, justice and peace find a place? Or, on the contrary does not happen - as the daily life shows us - that abuse of authority, self interests, injustice and exploitation, and violence in every form take advantage ? At the end, man discovers himself lonelier and his society more divided and confused" (Benedict XVI Oct.5 2008 - Sermon delivered at the opening of Synod on the Word of God ).

Our life becomes a life of grace if we are with Mary and are attentive to her teachings, because She helps us to live as Christians. Through her untiring intercession she provides for us so many graces. At times we do not even realize this gift! The more we open ourselves to the love of God, through her intercession, the more we experience the "discovery" of this love, always more creative and new and we acknowledge the desire to pay back with a fidelity always bigger and more precise. The presence and help of Mary bring us to be more witnesses of peace and love.

If we want, all of us can avail of these inexhaustible treasures: our free time, our heart, our smile, our advice, our culture, our peace, our word. It is enough to look around: that person confined in the hospital, that widow who is always alone, that man without job who is always sad, our brother looking for help, our friend coping up with difficulties. Let us assume the new look of the Christian - all of his life is based on the Gospel - that is opposed to self-enclosure and avoidance of problems. Let us put aside our safety based on earthly goods and let us lean on God.
We will experience peace and love in our hearts and we will become witnesses of joy and peace for our neighbours.
Fr Pier Luigi Cameroni SDB,  Spiritual Animator of ADMA                     

Let us pray Mary Help of Christians

(By Lucia Borri Billé - Salesian Cooperator from Trieste)

The "Salesian" Rosary wants to help us to love more and more, following the example of Don Bosco, this beautiful and traditional Marian prayer. Let us ask God, through the motherly intercession of Mary Help of Christians, to be able to go back authentically to Don Bosco in order to learn to love the Church and Jesus as he did.


"As soon as He was baptized, Jesus came out of the water: at once the heavens opened up and He saw the Spirit of God coming down upon Him in a form of a dove and rest on Him. A voice from heaven said :"this is my beloved son, in which I find myself" (MT 3, 16-17).
Through Baptism, I , too, have become a son of God and I was freed from sin; but unfortunately I fall and lose the gift of Grace. Lord Jesus, give me an upright conscience and the ability to rush back to your mercy with the daily examination of conscience and frequent confession. "Don Bosco regardless of human considerations, in time and out of time, used to invite so many people to the sacrament of confession" (MB 6,452).
"You can discuss so much on the various systems of education, but as I am concerned I do not find a solid base if not in the frequent confession and communion" (Don Bosco, Life of Besucco Francesco).

"Three days after there was a wedding at Cana of Galilee and the mother of Jesus was present. Also Jesus was invited with his disciples. At a certain moment the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said : "They do not have anymore wine" (Jh.2,1-4).
Lord Jesus, thank you for having given me your Mother. Make me a believer of the power of her intercession so that I might rush to her with faith.
I pray so that each family, may accept Jesus and Mary and live in this way in unity and love.
"Our Lay does what she likes. After all our activities started in such an extraordinary way since I was nine years old" (BM 14, 609).
"When I was small my mother would ask me to kneel down morning and evening and, all together, we would recite our prayers in common, saying the third part of the Rosary" (OM).

"Time has come and the kingdom of God is near at end; convert yourselves and believe in the Gospel" (MK 1, 15).
O Lord, I thank you for all those who speak to me about you. Help me to understand that the only task of every Christian and of the Church is the job of evangelizing and announcing the Word of God. Remove from me the shame to proclaim my belief or the fear to show my faith where it might seem not suitable.
I pray for the silent Church, for all those who are persecuted due to their faith in Jesus.
"We must always include in our conversations some Christian thoughts. It is like a seed which at given time will produce fruit" (BM 1, 406).
"Any priest should never allow anyone that comes in contact with him, to leave without having heard a word that shows the desire of eternal salvation for his soul" (BM 3,74).

"Six days after, Jesus together with Peter, James and John his brother, went to a secluded place, on another hill. And there He was transfigured in front of them; His face became as bright as the sun and his clothes became as white as the light" (MT 17, 1-2). "Peter said to Jesus: "Teacher, it is so nice for us to stay here" " (MK 9,5).
Thank you Lord, because you give me moments of deep consolation in which I see clear your light and together with Peter I can also say " It is so nice for me to stay here with you and my brothers. I pray every Christian and Salesian community may live in your name an authentic family atmosphere. Make me able to find friendship, love, confidence and joy in this encounter.
"Among yourselves, love each other, council each other, but never harbour envy or rancour, or better the joy of one should be the joy of al" (BM 11,390).
"Every day I pray for you and for all my sons, and I wish that each one would serve the Lord with joy and willingly, even if he finds himself engulfed in difficulties and diabolic problems" (BM 17, 632).

"While they were eating, Jesus got a piece of bread, and after saying a blessing, He broke it and gave it to his disciples saying : "Take and eat this is my body" (MT.26,26).
The love of God is manifested in the Body of Christ, and each mission can only start from that adorable and contemplated love. I wish to love more and more Jesus in the Eucharist while visiting and adoring him. Jesus, help me to make my encounter with you a daily activity.
"Cheerfulness, prayer, holy communion, are our aids" (BM 10 1178).
The great love Don Bosco had with Jesus in the Eucharist, was enriched with special graces and extraordinary events. During winter of 1878,while Mass was celebrated near the room of Don Bosco, two young boys who later turned out Salesians, saw the face of Don Bosco being enlightened Then little by little, his feet got detached from the soil and he was left standing in the air for ten minutes. This happening took place at least three times(BM 13, 897).

NOVEMBER 2008-10-15

GENERAL: So that the witnessing of love, shown by the Saints, may strengthen the Christians in dedicating themselves to God and to their neighbour, following the example of Christ who came to serve and not to be served.
MISSIONARY: So that the communities of Asia, while contemplating the face of Christ, may find the most appropriate ways to announce Him to all the people of that huge continent, rich in culture and antique forms of spirituality, and at the same time be faithful to the Gospel.
FOR THE BISHOPS: So that the experience of the mercy of God, may enable us to spread into the world the hope that arises from the feeling that we are accepted, loved and pardoned.
MARIAN: So That Mary, humble maid of the Lord, may give to every person that religious feeling that is born in the heart of ma
n and opens to the love of God and to the brothers.

Let us entrust to Mary help of Christians in a special manner the 22° General Chapter of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians that is taking place in Rome, and also the election of the New General Council.

Witnesses | We share with Don Bosco the love to Mary

We are going to share with you some witnessing written by Salesian soldiers while writing to Fr. Albera Paolo. Some of these have to do with the love to Mary Help of Christians, through the prayer of the Holy Rosary.

With the idea of showing his gratitude to Mary help of Christians, the Salesian Coadiutor Augusto Barbero,1, while writing to Fr. Albera on September 26 1918, recalls that on the eve of the festivity of Mary Help of Christians, while under the bombing of the enemy fire and he was travelling to the front line at Castanevizza, he decides to say the rosary, that he was holding in his hands, since he remembered that the day after was the solemnity of the feast of Mary help of Christians. He testifies that, in all sincerity, he heard "a celestial voice" that was encouraging him, inviting him to strengthen his faith while assuring him that he was free from dangers, in spite of the fact that the battle was carrying on, a very frightful situation, again for two days more. For this reason he sent a donation to the Shrine of Mary help of Christians in Turin, and again there, he asked his relatives to offer a Mass in thanksgiving.

Also the coadiutor Clicerio Migliavacca, shows his gratitude to Mary help of Christians for having escaped dangers related to his body and soul. 2 He relates this with sincerity to Fr. Albera (13.06.17) . But the greatest gratitude from his part, is another occasion from which he escaped with no harm at all, really very dangerous for the interior life of a religious, such as forgetting and putting aside the practices of piety and the Rosary: It is already one year that I am in a war zone. It was for me a year full of dangers for the soul and the body, but I have to be grateful to God and to Mary Help of Christians to have watched over me and saved from these dangers especially those related to the soul, since we are so much exposed to. Now I tell you with an open heart: since my arrival here I cannot recall a day to have abandoned my practices of piety. When I was more open to these life dangers I never put aside my Rosary, because I realized that these practices of piety were for me the strength of my soul".

1. Barbero Augusto, Salesian coadiutor, born in Chivasso (To) on Jan. 2 1891, died in Rome on June 12 1953.
2. The data of coadiutor Clicerio Migliavacca are not available.

With joy we introduce the number 1 of Booklets of Mary Help Of Christians, under the title "Don Bosco in trincea", work done by Fr. Leonardo Tullini. The booklet explain the Marian spirituality as it appears in the letters of the Salesian soldiers with Fr. Paolo Albera, second successor of Don Bosco and other superiors during the first world war (1915 -1918). The purpose is to show the human values and spiritual traits that helped the Salesian soldiers in this collective dramatic war event, in order to value more, from the inside, and in the real life, how the devotion to Mary Help of Christians was a stronghold of the Salesian identity, particularly in time of trial and difficulties. Let us read it, let us meditate on it and let us make it known!

We invite to value during the ADMA meetings, the Catechesis of Wednesdays given by the Holy Father Benedict XVI on the person of Saint Paul.

We invite to look at www.donbosco-torino.it in the section dedicated to ADMA. It has been enriched with new means of formation and communication.

Family chronicle
ADMA PRIMARIA of Torino-Valdocco

ADMA | Torino-Valdocco

Sunday October 5, 2008 - XVII MARIAN DAY
A sunny day of October accompanied the yearly Marian Day of ADMA with the arrival of more than 200 members, coming from Piedmont region, besides a numerous representation from Nave. (Bs).
After the welcome greetings , Fr. Leonardo Tullini, introduced the little volume " Don Bosco in trincea" that recalls the life of Salesian soldiers during the first world war, through the exchange of news with the Rector Major Father Paolo Albera. A special mention is given to the spirit of sacrifice and the gift of themselves that was animating the life of these young Salesians, sustained by a great sense of responsibility and by a strong devotion to Mary help of Christians. Fr. Leonardo invited all the participants to understand and underline the spirit of this publication, inviting them to use it as a kind of vademecum both for the spiritual and apostolic journey as well for that of the association.
After this presentation, Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni, spiritual animator of ADMA, traced back the activities of the Association performed during the past year: the realization of the directives given by the Rector Major Fr. Pascual Chavez at the V International Congress of Mary help of Christians; the presentation of ADMA to the General Chapters of SDB and FMA, the implication of the young couples and young families in the journey of the Association.
Late in the afternoon, in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, during the celebration of the Mass, presided by the new superior of the Valle d'Aosta and Piedmont region Fr. Stefano Martoglio, 19 aspirants made their commitment as members of ADMA. 13 belong to the NAVE group (Bs) just recently instituted, while the other 6 belong to some groups from Piedmont. The presence of these young couples and young families, was a sign of great hope and renewal. To be noticed as well the fact that 4 of these couples made their promise.
At the end we closed the activities with a little party, and a joyful lottery to welcome the new members. This is the opinion of one member: "The Valdocco day has been a beautiful event, and as I stated before, we need these encounters to renew our commitment, to receive strength and thank the Llord for the gifts He bestows on us. The first publication was so interesting. Each one of us got a copy of it. I believe that during this Marian day we can find a moment to meet each other as separate groups, with the purpose of sharing our difficulties, our ideas and draw some resolutions" (Anna A).

INTRODUCING ADMA -The spiritual animator, Fr. Pier Luigi, on the evening of September 20 made a presentation of the Association in the spirituality and the life to the young Salesian confreres , post novitiate, members of the Nave Community (Bs). In a climate of fraternity he related his recent trip to Brazil for the II Congress of Mary help of Christians and he underlined the importance to know and to nourish the feeling of belonging to the Salesian Family from the very first period of formation. The same was done on Tuesday September 23 , upon the invitation of Fr. Agostino Sosio, the provincial of Milan province, at the gathering of Como, during the occasion of the monthly gathering. The necessity of taking care of the Salesian family in all the aspects was stressed as a point during this meeting. This is also in consonance with the Strenna of the coming year.

LONDON - Saturday and Sunday October 12.

Fr. Pier Luigi together with Bro. Michele Belotti, went to London in order to show the gratitude of the whole Association to Mother Eugenia Pantalleresco on the occasion of her 50° year of religious profession in the order or Orsuline Sisters in Malta. Mother Eugenia, before in Malta and now 27 years in London, distinguishes herself for her great love to Mary Help of Christians and for the spreading of this devotion to our Lady under this title. On Saturday afternoon, a brotherly and joyous meeting of prayer took place with ADMA London guided by the spiritual animator Father Ugo Preston, Salesian. Sunday afternoon, a solemn thanksgiving in the parish Saint Thomas More with a well attended concelebrated Mass presided over by the Auxiliary Bishop of Londo Mons. Bernard Longley and with the presence of 30 priests from the province of Great Britain. The provincial Fr. Michael Winstanley was there. At the end of the concelebration, Fr. Pier Luigi presented to Mother Eugenia a gift consisting of an artistic statue of Mary Help of Christians and a plaque of appreciation. He wanted in this way to show the appreciation of the ADMA Primaria Council and the whole association, to this lady as a special devotee, a true person who fell in love with Mary Help of Christians.



Tuesday September 30, the Provincial of Milan Province, Fr. Agostino Sosio, during a solemn concelebration has canonically established the ADMA group of NAVE, dedicated to Mary Help of Christians. This group is attached to the formation house since his beginnings (1938). It is now the outcome of a long journey of prayer and Christian life. As a matter of fact, this small group was instituted since 1988 as a payer group devoted to Mary and catechetical formation. The members met every Tuesday evening for the past 20 years. Animated by the Salesian Spirit and enlightened by the messages of the Queen of peace, this group kept on increasing reaching the actual number of 70 members. The belonging to this association is the answer to Mary help of Christians to testify with joy the beauty of the Christian life. The first group was made up of only 13 members. It is worthy of a note to stress that there are various young couples who have started this journey of faith and Marian devotion. Sunday October 5 in Turin, during the Marian encounter they made their promise.


One of the resolutions of the VII National Congress of the Association of Mary Help of Christians at Liceo Manuel Arriara - La Cisterna Santiago, was the duty to spread in the coming years the devotion to Mary Help of Christians among the groups of the Salesian family.
200 members coming from Iquique up to Punta Arenas took part in the event. After the solemn opening, animated by Fr, Vincente Soccorso, the works of the congress experienced a particular significant moment with the formative approach from Fr. Mons. Ricardo Ezzati on the theme: "How to live the Christian faith every day, as disciples and missionaries of Christ". The approach of seminarian Cristian Guzman: " The fondness and the mission among the most need youth"with the witnessing of youngsters pertaining to the group Vida Compartida and to the Hogar Miguel Magone, was appreciated.
Late in the evening the participants visited the Museum of Natural History, the grotto of Lourdes, and the birth shrine of Laura Vicuna situated in Renca site. All the activities were over with the Mass celebrated in the Tempio Don Bosco, presided over by Fr. Provincial Leonardo Santibanez.
The encounter was done in a familiar and joyous atmosphere, showing the love that is shared among the members and the unity that strives in the association. During the test and the evaluation some objectives that were met during the past years were pin pointed namely: the animation of life and the organization of the Association, with the aim to deepen the identity; the growth in the conscience of the members regarding the membership to the Salesian family; the fact of having clarified and assured the identity of ADMA, as a basis of life and action among the local groups. Other achievements were the work done among the poor youth groups and the feeling of being the promoters of the Continental Mission in the local area. It is nice to remind that the national Congresses in Chile, take place every two years in different cities of the country : Santiago (1996), Conception (1998), Linares (2000), Puerto Montt (2002), Santiago (2004) and Punta Arenas (2006).

Alcamo (TP) - Italia

Dated May 23, 2008. At the conclusion of a triduum organized by the Parish priest Fr. Giuseppe Hari, 11 aspirants have become members of the ADMA; Present during this occasion were the members of the Local Presidential Council. This affair took place in the Church of Mary Help of Christians during the jubilee year with the presence of the Salesians of this little town (1958- 2008). The new members prepared themselves in order to be part of this association. They took part in spiritual encounters and they met in collective catechetical groups. During the celebration the Aspirants showed themselves with devotion and proud to be members of the Salesian family. The event ended up with the recital of the Rosary., the procession with candles and the floral offering to the statue of Mary Help of Christians. Everything followed by a sense of joy and serenity. The association of Alcamo, presided over by Mr. Antonio Romano, is made up of 100 members. They are always involved in various activities of the parish.  



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