CONTRACT between
Mr. Giuseppe Bertolino, Master Carpenter, resident in Turin and
the youth Giuseppe Odasso, native of Mondovì,
with the intervention of Rev. Fr. Giovanni Bosco

The present document consists of two original and equal copies, made at the request of the two parties, at the House of the Oratory, which is in Turin, under the title of St. Francis of Sales, in which the following has been agreed:

1. Mr. Giuseppe Bertolino, Master Carpenter, who exercises his profession in Turin, accepts as an apprentice in the art of carpentry, the youth Giuseppe Odasso, native of Mondovì. Giuseppe is the son of Vincenzo, native of Garessio and resident in this city. Mr Bertolino obliges himself to teach him the above mentioned art for two years, which are considered to have begun on the first day of the current year, and finish at the end of the year 1853; to give him, during the course of his apprenticeship, the necessary instructions and the best rules for the practice of the art of carpentry; to give him, with regard to his moral and civil conduct, such suitable advice that a good father would give, correcting him in a loving way in the case of any failures on his part, but always using just words of admonition and never with any act of ill-treatment; to constantly occupy him in a kind of work proper to his art and appropriate to his age, ability and physical strength; to exclude any other service which is not connected to his profession.
2. The aforesaid Master declares formally and obliges himself to leave him free for the whole day on all Sundays, so that the apprentice can attend the sacred services, Sunday classes and all his other duties as a pupil of the Oratory.
If the apprentice should, by reason of illness or other legitimate impediment, be absent from his duties for more than fifteen days, in such cases the apprentice will agree with the Master on making up the time at the end of the two years by attending work for the number of days he had missed.
3. The same Master obliges himself to give to the apprentice, weekly, the payment agreed on, which is thirty cents a day for the first six months and forty cents a day for the other six months of the current year, 1852; sixty cents per day beginning from January 1853 to the end of the apprenticeship.
He also obliges himself to sign and present, at the end of each month, a page prepared to the purpose, in which he will honestly declare the progress and conduct of the apprentice during the month.
4. The youth Odasso, promises and commits himself to give his service, for all the time of his apprenticeship, to the aforesaid Master Carpenter, promptly, assiduously and attentively, to be docile, respectful and obedient to the same, to behave towards him as a good apprentice should. His father, Vincenzo Odasso, here present and consenting, offers himself as a protection and guarantee of this obligation, and commits himself to repay to the aforesaid master any damage caused by the apprentice, on condition that it can be justly imputed to him, i.e. that it has been caused by wilful malice on the part of the apprentice, and is not simply the result of an accident or a consequence of his lack of skill in the art.
5. Should it happen that the apprentice were to be expelled from the Oratory, where he is now a pupil, following some failure on his part, thus ending all relations with the Director of the Oratory, it is understood that all influence and relationship between the Director and the above Master Carpenter will also cease. But if the failure refers only to the Oratory and does not particularly affect the above mentioned Master, it is to be understood that the remainder of the present agreement holds till the term of the two years, as regards every other condition concerning the Master, the apprentice and the guarantor.
6. The above mentioned Director of the Oratory promises his assistance for the good conduct of the apprentice, as long as he continues to participate to the Oratory's activities and he will always willingly listen to any complaint the Master has regarding the behaviour of the above youth.
Thus each of the contracting parties promises to keep the part that applies to him personally, to fulfil and observe it exactly, under pain of repaying the damages incurred. In good faith the signatories below are parties to this.

Turin, House of the Oratory of St. Francis of Sales, on February 8, 1852.

Bertolino Giuseppe
Odasso Giuseppe
Odasso Vincenzo
Fr. Giovanni Bosco
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